Sunday Painting


P1180740 (1).JPG
painting #1 Canson Heritage 140# quarter sheet

I normally don’t paint on Sundays but I felt the creative call, so here we are. I painted a large piece of a waterfall with an abstract quality but I will post that when I am finished with it. On this painting above I painted saturated wet on wet and I had no idea what I was aiming for, I ended up with a remembered intuitive of a landscape. My camera wasn’t able to pick up the rich blues in my painting and so you see more purple than blue but I got pretty close.

Painting saturated wet on wet is one of my all time favorite ways to paint a watercolor. It allows you a lengthy time to “sculpt” your painting, it brings out the intuitive in me.


P1180741 (1).JPG
painting #2 wip on Canson Heritage 140# quarter sheet

I started this painting several days ago and I am undecided if it is finished or not, there is no rushing creativity. I started out in the saturated wet on wet method and the next day I gave more dimension to the shapes. I am after the essence and not superfluous detail. Perhaps I will stop explaining this as I think if you have been following me long enough, you would know that by now.

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