The Last of July Painting

Painting #1 “Abundance” 10.25 x 14.5 inches – imaginescape

I had a creative burst and this painting was the product. I believe that this is one of my favorites of this month. I painted it in one furious layer. I truthfully love to hit it hard and get out with no need to go back to punch it up or with more details. Reason is because I rather get it finished while I am that creative zone.

Even though I do enjoy working in several layers, From the beginning I knew that painting this, it was one of those “get in, get out” paintings.

Painting #2 untitled 10.5 x 14 inches – imaginescape

I did softened certain sections of the water where the light hits but haven’t taken a photo of it. This photo will have to do. If you have an idea for the title, by all means please comment.

Painting #3 “Yuba Glory” 10.25 x 14.5 inches

I painted this last year and never have posted it because I was unsure if I liked it. Now I do!

Painting #3 “Hold On” 14x 19 inches – abstract

Another intuitive painting that seems to follow a similar theme which I never resist.

Painting #4 untitled 10.25 x 14.25 inches – abstract

Again this theme keeps returning in my intuitive work.

Painting #5 “Joy in the Morning” 10.50 x 14.25 – imaginescape

I have so much joy painting from my imagination, there is nothing like it. I think that it helps me to loosen up, not only my technique but it jump starts my creativity.

Painting #6 “There is Hope” 10.5 x 14.5 inches – imaginescape

I like to explore new color combos, I wanted to see how Daniel Smith’s Aureolin and Mayan Blue Genuine would work together. I also used Quin. Sienna to give life to certain areas of the clouds.

Painting #7 “Come to Me” 10.25 x 14.25 inches – abstract

The orientation on this one changed, interesting how that happens.

Thank you for your patience looking through my paintings. Cheers and have an awesome week!

Imaginative Painting

Painting #1 imaginescape – 10.25 x 14.25 inches

“All My Springs of Joy are in You” Psalm 87:7

What joy it is to paint from my imagination.

Painting #2 – semi-abstract – 10.5 x 14 inches


I had a full day of allowing this scene to play out fully on paper. I remember not too long ago when I was afraid of letting go and now it is very comfortable to paint this way.

Painting #3 – remembered landscape – 10.25 x 14 inches

“New Perspectives”

Painting #4 – remembered landscape – 10.25 x 14 inches


There is something about trying to capture an ethereal look that I strive for. It has been a struggle at times but I feel that it is worth it. I have been tough on myself but it was the catalyst that keeps me pushing for what I want to achieve.

Painting #5 – imaginescape – 10.25 x 14.5 inches

“Enduring Waters”

This one really surprised me. My method generally is totally open, no planning or drawing. I know that sounds naive, perhaps it is but it works for me. I go entirely by intuition. With most of my paintings I feel as though I am personally in the scene, it certainly helps!

Painting #6 – imaginescape – 10.5 x 14 inches

“A New Day”

Oh my, this was so fun to paint, I knew exactly what to do.

Painting #7 – imaginescape – 10.5 x 14 inches

“Once Upon a Time’

Last one for now. I have been really enjoying my new found confidence and in general good attitude about my art. Not too long ago I had such a struggle at times and I feel that it was because I was trying to find my way, my approach. Well worth the struggle and time spent.

Thank you for coming by to take a look. Cheers!

July Painting

Painting #1 – “Incomparable Faith” 10.5 x 14 inches

Lately I have been enjoying letting loose with painting from my imagination. I kept working on this one until it seemed to take off. Painting “blind” is teaching me how to trust the process.

Painting #2 – “Electric Dreams” 10.5 x 14.25

The idea for this painting started out with an image bursting on my thoughts upon waking, still dreaming. I love it when that happens, downright magical.

Painting #3 – “Dawns’ Early Light” 10.5 x 14 inches

Recurring shapes keep showing up in my painting, no idea what or why, that’s alright.

Painting #4 – “New Beginnings” – 14.5 x 19 inches

At first I was undecided if this one was finished. I think that as the title refers to, it works. It can be tricky knowing how far to take a painting. Amazing how one can get away with a minimalist approach. I am not a master of it though look up the paintings by Mark Rothko and you’ll see a master.

Painting #5 – “Grand View” 10 x 14 inches

Based on my memories of the reservoir I live by, Bullards Bar. I am a fan of Albert Bierstadt and the Hudson River School and this one makes me think of the style.

Painting #6 – “Finding My Way” 10.5 x 14 inches

I love the grays in this one. I am often carried away with bold color and I prefer grays and a “low simmer”.

Painting #7 – “The Light Within” – 10.5 x 14.5 inches

Oh I adore this one because I was able to paint the majority of it in one attempt. I came back to punch up the darks. I think the reason why I like to paint the majority at first whack is because I am in that immediate zone.

Painting #8 – “Early Morning Bright” 14.5 x 19.5 inches

I worked on this for a few days as it needed to be gradually built up.

Last but not least….

Painting #9 – “His Amazing Grace” – 10.5 x 14 inches

Sorry for the length of this post. I don’t post a whole lot and I had quite a few paintings that I wanted to share. The above painting took a while to show up. I paint on about 4 or more paintings at once and when I turned around to work more on it, I saw immediately how I should proceed.

I love watercolor because it is a medium that fits my serendipitous nature. Have a fantastic weekend folks! Thank you for your patience.