Marching On!

Terra Firma – Acrylic and collage abstracted landscape on 9 x 12 inch canvas

I can’t believe how fast these months have flown by. I have purchased acrylic paints from a southern California company, Nova Paint. I really love the quality of these paints and the price as well.

Untitled – Acrylic abstracted landscape on 9 x 12 inch canvas
Whatever Comes My Way Shall Be carandache neocolor on watercolor – 12 x 14 inches

I had painted this one about 6 months ago and I have decided to give it some more umph.

Brighter Days – mixed media on a watercolor underpainting – 12 x 15 inches

I am happy to say that the painting above has sold.

Escape mixed media on watercolor paper 11 x 14 inches

If anyone has questions be sure to ask. I hope to spend more time in the future making these posts more exciting. Be safe and take care!

25 thoughts on “Marching On!

  1. Lovely to see you here Margaret and to see your beatiful paintings. We artists are so fortunate to be fully occupied at all times and especially through endless lock downs, which haven’t bothered me at all and I am sure the same is true for you 🙂

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      1. Because I have lived and worked alone for the past 30 and more years, lockdown hasn’t been too bad for me, other than of course all painting trips and trips to see my children were cancelled. This too shall pass…..keep painting. x

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      1. My goodness, your art is transcendental. I feel wordpress is lucky you’re presenting them here. My family loves art and they go gaga over yours when I show some pieces. ❤️💐 So blessed to get to know a divine artist.

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      2. Awww thank you!!! I think that part of my “difficulty” is because trying to depict that mystical and spiritually can be elusive. It is like trying to capture a butterfly without damaging such a delicate creature. Tell your family thank you!

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      3. To me it seems your ‘difficulty’ is your gift, your USP. It’s the elusivity that makes it so captivating. I’m browsing through your Instagram now – it’s brightened my day. It reminds me of what Wordsworth calls “aching joys”, forests, sunny days and memories of the old Convent I studied at. I should stop before this turns into an essay.

        So happy!

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      4. I probably am experiencing something along the lines of sobbing joys looking at some of your work. It’s beyond belief! I’m pretty sure you don’t really realise how divinely touched your art is. God bless you!

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      5. That is such a wonderful thing to say. I’ve been thinking of your art a lot. Wasn’t on WordPress for a while and was delighted to see a post on my return today.
        You’re a true creator – praise – no matter how true – would never affect one. Thank you for your work and this wonderful exchange. Your Instagram is a WORK OF ART. Wish I could say something more poetic and apt for it, but I’m spellbound by your creativity and need a moment.

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    1. Thank you John! Truthfully I am surprised as well. Watercolor is so expressive and has the spontaneity that I am so spoiled with. Trying to get acrylics to do the same has been a jungle gym of sorts. Somehow my style is carrying over even though in a different way. We’ll see how it will all turn out!


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