A Big Snow Storm Coming and Sicker Than a Dog.

I am going to be short here. Too sick to deal with it right now but wanting to alert you all that I might be mia for several weeks. Not knowing if we we lose our power or not.

The photo above is from several years back of the back of my house.

I just can’t deal with painting right now, I painted on Saturday but had to cut it short. 28 days of feeling under the weather is wearing me down. I can paint through headaches and pain of all kinds but not this time.

Good time to take a sabbatical, I think. Wish me health, send over warm thoughts and last but not least, pray for me. Happy painting folks. Whew, I am so done.

Painting Delayed, Doggie Sitting Here I come

P1220753.JPGpainting #1 Remembered landscape

The painting above is from a memory of a scene that I have been painting over and over again. It is actually at the North Yuba river but you wouldn’t know it by the way I simplify and abstract the elements.

I will be taking a short hiatus from painting while I am doggie sitting my Granddog. We have many plans for hiking, playing, watching tv, catching up with my reading, making new doggie friends. I am thinking about taking my art supplies but it might be too much of a hassle to take my watercolor equipment. I might do some research and take art books to study, we’ll see.

P1220759painting #2 North Yuba at Hall’s Ranch

I am undecided about this one, it is difficult to make sense of the rapids in this photo but in reality it is far better. I think that there is conflict about the focal area. But I do like the mood, let’s end on a positive note, right?

P1220756#3 Remembered landscape wip (I think!)

Another one, I did these in quick succession, hoping to thrust me into some imaginary land, creative muse on the mark, get set go mood.

P1220757painting #4 Remembered landscape of Lake Frances

Oh I wished that I could marry up the photo to my actual painting, I am very hard critic with my paintings but this one is beaming bright in my heart!

P1220758painting #5 Remembered landscape wip

This one I have yet to make some sense of various areas. I lost distinction of the river, I’ll work with it to get it to come alive.

P1220754.JPGpainting #5 Abstract wip

I have no idea what this will be, who knows? I am not worried, I might get a sky or a landscape or both by the time I am finished with it. I wanted to include it just because I wanted to stress a point that sometimes a painting can be one that evolves over time. I might let it sit for a while and work on it once I get back to my studio. Or, I might turn it over and paint on the other side.

Until next Saturday, Happy Painting!!



Painting Out of My Mind!

P1220744Painting #1 Abstract based on Psalm 50: 1-6

I am so impatient today with this post, I am not satisfied with my photos, neither on my phone or via my camera. No matter what I did, I just can’t seem to marry up my photo to my paintings!! Sigh….

P1220746painting #2 imaginescape

I wasn’t sure if this one would work and I kept at it until I found my way in, sometimes you have to muck through to get to the gold.

P1220748painting #3 Sand Pond

I  almost gave up on this one, I am receiving high praise for it on Instagram, I am on the fence. Though I do like the feeling of serenity.


Painting #4 semi-abstract imaginescape

I kept at this until I had my “feeling” I wished that this photo shows the inner light, very transcendental.

P1220751painting #5 semi-abstract imaginescape

I was not able to tone down the yellow at the top, not as vivid in reality. This one was so fun to paint. For some reason my inner artist seems to try for this scene over and over. Perhaps someday I’ll figure out why.

P1220742painting #6 forest scene

Of all the paintings that I am not happy with the photo, it is this one. The yellow is really a raw sienna, not this yellow, the blues are too vivid, in reality the overall colors are all grayed. The over-all softness is not apparent in this photo, sigh, one last time.

I would have discussed more about my techniques but truthfully I am getting impatient and want to get to painting. If you have any questions, ask away. Until next time!


January Madness

Painting #1 imaginescape

January was a fun filled painting vacation. I hope that the painting above is clear enough. I am finding that the camera on my phone changes my yellows into acidic yellows and wouldn’t work with this particular painting.

I truly loved not having to think about posting and I painted entirely for me without the idea of an invisible audience.

Painting #2 landscape (the blues are out of whack, more grayed)

I love letting out the imagination to play. I never know what will show up, I let it happen.

Painting #3 abstract

This one I thought was not going to work. I would work on it and then set it aside and over a matter of days I was thinking that I was going to have to scrap it. I then decided to use Prowhite to wash over it. I turned it around and there it was, my abstract!

Painting #4 landscape

This was so fun, I loved painting this one!

Painting #5 imaginescape

Dark and dreamy, looks like a castle in the far left at the horizon.

Painting #6 semi-abstract

Another fun painting, I allowed several days to gradually paint on this one. I wish that you can see it in person, the colors and granulation is more complex than this photo shows.

There you go, believe or not I painted 39 paintings and that doesn’t count the ones that I scraped! I am hoping to paint more slowly but when my creative juices get to flowing, going slow would be like holding back a dam break! So we’ll see.