June Rising

Painting #1 – Hope Breaking – 11 x 14 inches – watercolor

I just sold the painting above and of all things I discovered that the person who wanted to buy it lives within an hour of me and spends every weekend at Bullards Bar reservoir! For those of you who are not aware of it, Bullards Bar reservoir is “a spit and a holler” from where I live. This morning I drove a whole 5 minutes to meet up with her. I feel so encouraged by this sale. Sounds silly to be so excited but I don’t have a clue how to promote myself. If it wasn’t for posting my paintings on Instagram I would not have sold this painting.

Painting #2 Waiting – 12 x 14 inches – watercolor

I absolutely love how this one came together. I would suppose that it is an abstract rather than a landscape. Perhaps a “mindscape”, yes I like that!

Painting #3 Beyond Time – 11 x 14 inches – mixed media

Another mindscape! I love watching how a painting evolves.

Painting #4 Van Gogh Skies – 11 x 14 inches – watercolor

I painted this several months ago and I punched up the colors and values.

Painting #5 – untitled – 12 x 14 inches – watercolor

Inspired by my visits to Lassen Volcanic Park north of me.

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