Inspired and no Creative place to go!

portrait from a past figure drawing session

Thank you Laura createarteveryday for encouraging me to draw my grandson, even though I didn’t come away with a successful drawing, I am encouraged to draw more. Being that my grandson is 7 years old, it is a given that he can not sit still for less than a minute. I have enjoyed figure drawing over the years and I do have a local group that I can attend but having spent so many of my Saturdays away from home, I became burned out.

I have decided that I need to get back to drawing howbeit, being a landscape, still life or figures, I know that it will improve my painting. After all, isn’t drawing the backbone to painting?  Thank you Laura! Oh and I have to include Rebecca’s blog rebeccaevanscreate because she inspired me so much today with her post thanking Charlie for July’s watercolor challenge. Even though she doesn’t mention drawing, her watercolor paintings of horses helped to remind me that it is important to have a good foundation of drawing skills.