August End

Painting #1 11 x 14 inches – remembered landscape – based on Bullards Bar Reservoir

Yes we made it back home from Lassen Volcanic National Park here in Northern California. We had a safe trip and had the best time. I found Lassen to be one of my favorite places to visit, we were never pushed by crowds and the traffic was minimal. As much as I love Yosemite I prefer avoiding it because of the horrendous crowds. Lassen is laid back in comparison.

The above painting took a side avenue and I am alright when a painting makes it’s own way.

Lassen Volcanic National Park

Painting #2 11 x 14 inches based on Lassen

I will use a reference photo for a painting but I expect them to come alive with a little abstraction. I think that if I want to depict an area realistically, I might as well show the photo and forget trying to paint the scene.

Painting #3 11 x 14 inches – looking out towards Manzanita Lake at Lassen

So fun painting this one! There is more atmospheric blue (Managese Blue) in the background and throughout that doesn’t show up in this photo. We camped at Manzanita Lake and we hiked it everyday.

Evening light at Manzanita Lake – photo

Painting #4 11 x 14 inches – mist over the mountain

There are several mountain formations at Lassen and this is one of them. I have yet to figure it out.

Painting #5 11 x 14 inches – Bullards Bar Reservoir

I really like this one. I will be posting more paintings based on Lassen, but for now I wanted to get these posted.

I was terrible at writing about my process, if you have any questions, ask away. Until next time, enjoy!

August Already!

Painting #1 Mendocino #6 11 x 14 inches

I have been working on a series based on my trip to the Mendocino coast back in May. The above painting is on 300# Arches. I am not a fan of 300# simply because to me the paper soaks up the paint and the colors dull down. I received 4 sheets by accident from my favorite supplier and was told to keep it when I contacted them about the mistake.

I have been watching videos by David Dunlop and he mentioned painting on 300# that had been first treated with acrylic gloss medium and I decided to give it a try and I love the outcome.

Painting #2 Mendocino #5 11 x 14 inches

Another one in the series.

Painting #3 Mendocino Skies #4 11 x 14 inches

This is one of my favorites of the series.

Painting #4 Evening Light at Lake Francis 11 x 14 inches

I think that I will give this another try, the colors aren’t the best for a feeling that unifies. Always another day and painting.

Painting #5 Clarity Rising 11 x 14 inches

Just throwing paint around hoping and searching for something different.

Painting #6 Mendocino #7 11 x 14 inches

Another one on 300# Arches primed with acrylic gloss medium. Looks like I will be buying more 300# Arches! So darn expensive though.

Painting #7 Given 11 x 14 inches

An abstract for the bunch, I love exploring shapes and colors.

Painting #8 untitled wip 11 x 14 inches

This one is a wip and I will be taking my time to finish it up.

My husband and I will be leaving for Lassen National Park on Thursday. We will be going on the Indian motorcycle and camping, my favorite way to have fun! We both are going to be celebrating our birthdays at Lassen. His birthday is on the 9th and mine is on the 11th. I am so excited to say the least. Next post will be about our adventures at Lassen. Until then, thank you for stopping by.

The Indian Chief Classic and me

The Man (my husband)