April Ending

Painting #1 “Heaven Calling” – imaginescape – 11 x 14 inches

I was able to get some painting in today once I got back from caretaking my father-in-law. I couldn’t help but think of him as I finished up with this painting.

He is mentally preparing himself for life beyond this one. We were able to talk some about heaven and what to expect. Even though he is a ripe 95 year old, life seems to move along rather quickly.

Painting #2 untitled – based on Bullards Bar reservoir – 11 x 14 inches

I always love painting sunsets at Bullards. I need to get out there and plein air paint soon. One of my favorite places, of course I am inspired by it.

Painting #3 Rising Up – semi-abstract of Sand Pond

About two years ago I was at Sand Pond which lies at the base of the Sierra Buttes. I arrived early in the morning and Sand Pond was so beautiful and misty. So far I have based at least 5 or more paintings on the photos that I took. Right now it is covered in snow. I am hoping to get up there to plein air paint once they plow the road. Sometimes that doesn’t happen until May or as late as June.

When I paint from an inspiring photo, I use my imagination and allow my intuition to take over, my preferred method of painting.

I usually share more paintings but I am purposely limiting my posts to the top 3-4 paintings on Instagram and on here. I really like posting only once a week, it keeps me focused on creating rather than using up my time posting.

Have a wonderful week!

April Bursting

Painting #1 – Bullards Bar reservoir – 11 x 14 inches

I will be busy with having my grandson over thru Saturday so I decided to post today. The above painting was painted allaprima and with few colors. I often like to get in and get out but often with watercolors this makes it difficult. I try to retain my whites while painting on the quick, perhaps I am addicted to drama and being under the gun!

Painting #2 11 x 14 inches – Bullards Bar reservoir

Another one of Bullards Bar reservoir which is my playground. I am within 2 miles, I feel lucky to have such a wonderful place to explore.

Painting #3 wip 11 x 14 inches – abstracted landscape of Sand Pond

The above painting is a work in progress, I am hoping to keep the minimal, abstracted look. I often overwork a piece because I want it to be perfect, I still struggle with this tendency. I am hoping that this “problem” will get better and better at leaving that tendency behind.

The update on the care of my father-in-law, the eldest son wants all three of them (three sons) to take two days a piece and leave the 7th day for myself and his wife. We will take turns so that means that I will be not as busy as I thought. Though that means that my husband will be caring for his father on the weekend. I will be going over in the evening on one of those days to spend some time with both of them. At first I felt resistant to this plan but I think that my brother-in-law is adamant that the responsibility lies with the sons, I understand that and I agree. Too often wives take on too much and the guys get off the hook.

Well that’s it for now, have a fantastic rest of the week!

April Blessings

Painting #1 untitled – landscape of Sierra Valley, Ca

I had a fantastic week of painting. I will be a busy with helping caretaking my soon to be 95 year old father-in-law. We are fortunate to live within 15 minutes of his home. As a family we are taking shifts (5 willing and able people). I am amazed how we can work together as a team. My father-in-law is a WW 2 vet who served as a Navy radioman in the Pacific theater. He has some amazing stories.

Now back to art, I already mentioned that I had a good week. I also felt a surge of inspiration which I can partly attribute to the owner of the photo reference for the above painting. I always use my own photos and imagination but every now and then I see a photo that I know I have to paint from. The area that this person lives is in an alpine valley here in Northern California, within 50 miles or so from me.

Painting #2 untitled – Sierra Valley – 11 x 14 inches

Another one based on a reference photo provided by a fellow Instagram poster @Forrest_house. I worked hard in getting my photo of this painting to match the true colors but it was hard. At least you get the general idea. It also looks grainy for whatever reason.

painting #3 – Carson Camp 1 – semi-abstract – 11 x 14 inches

This is an abstraction of a miner’s cabin in Carson Camp not far from the Ruby Mine where my husband worked as a trammer and then a driller. I hope to explore this subject more.

Painting #4 – Resurrection – semi-abstract – 11 x 14 inches

I started this with a canyon waterfall in mind but it seemed to morph into what you see here, alright then! I am okay with that.

Painting #5 – untitled – 11 x 14 inches

From my imagination, I love this kind of intuitive painting. One of my favorite painters, Cheng Khee Chee who studied under Edgar Whitney, refers to it as provisional painting, I like that.

Enough for now, have a fantastic weekend and week!

Cruising Through April

Painting #1 11 x 14 inches – imaginescape

I have a plan to limit my posting on Instagram to Saturdays and up to 3 of my best paintings of the week. I am not sure if I will do that here but I figured since I don’t post here very often, why limit myself. My hope is to focus more on painting rather than on the posting.

The above painting was in two layers. I wanted to punch it up and shoot for drama. Purely from my imagination where I like to be creative.

Painting #2 – 11 x 14 inches – imaginescape

A fun one, water always seems to sneak into my paintings, mist also showed up, at least it looks like mist!

Painting #3 – Bullards – 11 x 14 inches

This is one that I previously posted but I reworked it to give it more depth in the sky and darks in the landscape.

Painting #4 imaginescape – 11 x 14 inches

Last one for this post, I am working on taking it slower with my paintings. I am often fired up and I brim over with creativity and yet I think that I rush paintings to completion before they are ready. I feel that I am an allaprima artist, watercolor needs a softer and slower approach (sometimes!) I will try to be both but with discretion. Until next time, have a wonderful week!