On a Roll

I have decided to post more often using my Kindle Fire, I wasn’t so sure of the quality of my photos until I decided to let go of that perfectionist desire for clear photos. There you go, onward to my latest painting, finished today.

This one is based on a reference photo that I shot while on vacation in the North coast of California. I took creative licence and changed the scene to suit my fancy.

This was painted on a half sheet of Fabriano hotpress 140# watercolor paper. My second time of using this paper, the hotpress that is. I love how the water and paint flows so wildly and that fits my style totally.

I painted by pure intuition and took many breaks. I felt that it didn’t initially had a focal point at the outset but I allowed it to reveal itself. I am considering that I might work on it more later if I see what needs to be done.

The color choice was by pure instinct and also I added shapes, or lifted as I’m felt inclined. I love how easy it is to lift color on this paper. I have noticed that quarter sheets seem small to me. I can be quite stingy about paper but I feel reluctant about painting on smaller sized sheets.

I often wonder if I don’t spend enough time on my paintings but I am feeling confident that my work style is what it is. I work as I feel led and after all, if it is working, go with it.

See you next time. Keep painting and exercise your  creativity!

Daring Watercolor #4


Now we are on a roll! Considering that I woke up with a headache, I decided to go ahead and paint anyway. I decided on something abstract and loose and this photo that I took on a trip to the North Coast of California at Patrick’s Point State Park, our favorite place to vacation.

My first and only take today on this subject

I tried to get my photo to match up with my painting though the blues are richer (in my painting) and there is an ultramarine turquoise that isn’t showing up so crisp and gorgeous as it should. Also the golds and yellows are richer in real life. At least you get the idea.

A few close-ups though they are a bit fuzzy I think but I like close-ups.

I accidently put my brush in Cad. Yellow and dabbed it onto my painting and I went “OH NO”! I have this intense fear of using the Cads of the paint world and I bought them when I first started buying my paints. This cad yellow has been hanging with the others for a while now and I am happy to say cad yellow is not such a bad boy! As long as I don’t mix it together with another opaque. I allowed it to run over to play with the other colors on my painting. It didn’t need any coaxing whatsoever….all by itself. Poor Cad yellow has been a lonesome paint for a very long time! I will never fear cads again.

Now to put up one last photo of a painting taken from this photo that I had done last summer. I was more careful and perhaps tighter on this one. I am not sure if I really like it. Which one do you all prefer? Don’t be afraid, I won’t bite. 🙂 I didn’t care for that branch that comes across on the left, I haven’t figured out what to do with it. It looks like a hot mess to me.

Onward march….happy to say my headache is now gone. I might now go work on my painting based on a Edward Curtis photo for the rest of the day.