More Fall Paintings




Painting #1 Imaginary landscape

I tried my best to match up the photo but at least the pixels aren’t messed up, too much, I think, yay! I think that I got the photo to marry up well with my painting except that the “sun” is way better than what it shows in the photo.

While my grandson entertained himself with drawing dinosaurs, I took the opportunity to get some painting done and this is what I came up with. No idea what I was going to paint other than the chosen colors. I love painting this way, no preconceived idea, and no expectation, just going with the flow of the paint and picking out an imaginary scene.

P1220274Painting #2 Lake Francis

This is an semi-abstract of a scene of Lake Francis that I have painted several times.

P1220272.JPGPainting #3 Imaginary scene

I started out the typical way and that is usually throwing on some colors and looking for a scene. This was painted saturated wet on wet. If you haven’t tried this technique I suggest that you give it a chance. It might seem different and out of control but that is the whole point, right? At least that is the way I like to paint with watercolor.

Be aware that while the paper is saturated, the whites are very easy to pick out but once the paper is dry, it is near to impossible to regain white without scraping the paper with a blade. As long as the paper is wet, wipe out to your hearts’ content.

P1220269.JPGPainting #4 Shenanigan Flat

This is a scene that I have painted the most so far in the past year. In fact I wonder if I have already posted this one but I am pretty sure I haven’t. I had a difficult time to get the light yellow to show up as light as it appears here, keep that in mind.

P1220265.JPGPainting #5 a river scene

Another painting that I had a difficult time getting the photo just right but you get the idea. This started out as a plein air and I finished it up in the studio. I am finding out that what worked for me in the past in regards to painting en plein air isn’t working for me any longer. I just can’t sit and paint, I need to stand, I do this at home and I often step away to take a “look see”. I am considering getting an easel but it has to be very light weight because my neck and back can’t take lugging in heavy equipment any longer.

So, while I painted this, I used a big flat rock as my table and I also painted wet on wet and very loose, just like I would at home. I am trying to carry my attitude and painting style to the field.



Paintings #6

These were painted on small square pieces of leftover paper and purely from my imagination/memory. I think that I had Lake Francis on my mind when I painted these.


Painting #7 Shenanigan Flat (of course!)

I wasn’t too sure if this was successful or not, I haven’t shared it on my Instagram just because of the uncertainty. I love the feeling of it but for some reason I don’t like at the photo of it, there is something lost in translation. No idea.

That is it for now. I have a few more paintings to share but until next time, count your blessings!

One last photo from my plein air painting trip the other day, enjoy!


30 thoughts on “More Fall Paintings

    1. With the paintings #1 and #3 I had no idea, I just brushed on color and looked for a what I like to call “my way in” with the rest I had a scene in mind, the basic elements but I allowed it to change up if that makes any sense. With the plein air #5 I didn’t exactly follow my scene in front of me, just a general idea, I took massive liberty with that one. The little paintings on #6 I followed a general idea of light coming through the trees and went with what the paint was doing. It is addicting to paint this way, very freeing!

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      1. So good to hear, even though I have this loose carefree attitude, my pickiness does prevail. It is a continual fight to remain playful with watercolor, it has been a long road to get to that attitude but trying to maintain it can be trying.

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  1. Beautiful images, as always. I love the second picture of painting 6 especially with its passages of scattered light. I think it’s wonderful that you can adopt a free approach in front of the motif, too. It’s nice to see an artist using her imagination. I love the invention in it and the dream-like emotional realm that you bring to the scene.

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  2. Love them all,, but especially number two. My goodness you are on a roll and it’s bloody well marvellous as we would say over here πŸ™‚ My daughter has just sent me a book which I think you would love. Georgia by Dawn Tripp. It is a Novel based on Georgia O’keefe’s life. Dawn Tripp writes in the first person which is extraordinary because one can really believe it is the voice of Georgia…..and the way she describes her painting is superb….this is what I really think you would like. She has managed to get into the head of a painter. Happy painting Margaret and so glad that your grandson joined you, even if the subject matter was slightly different….Janet

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    1. Funny that you happen to mention that book by Dawn Tripp because I have it as an audiobook borrowed from my on-line library! And…..I am reading yet another bio on Georgia O’Keeffe, which is particularly good. Have you heard of Agnes Pelton? I have that book and plan on re-reading it. She isn’t all that well known which is a shame, her paintings are outstanding. Thank you Janet for your comments, and yes, on a roll! I am getting a late start today which is unusual but then with the weather change, it is affecting me somewhat. Hope to get in there to make some more paintings ha! πŸ˜‰

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  3. had to return to #1 and have another look. longer look.
    It packs tremendous power.
    there is so much, oomph in this.
    the viewer can interpret the darkly intense, deep, rich, Yet rising shadows – that take up Most of the image space – as they choose to.
    the viewer can interpret the sun, the light, the sphere peering in the small corner, not taking much space at all – but is so very present, so very relevant, – as they choose.
    this painting, for me, has breath. and spirit.
    shadows….dark though they be, need not be colorless, nor void, nor without value. nor do they need to be flat, static. but they can Rise up.
    so this one, Miss M, is a WOW.

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    1. Wow! Thank you! I often try to second guess myself with art that is entirely from my intuition because it always seem to ride the edge of “out there” I don’t make a mark or decision without that inner “knowing”. I want to strive for pleasing and follow that intuition (and myself) rather than chase subjects or a look that pleases other people. It comes with risk and a letting go, which is getting easier. Your observation is so appreciated, more than I can convey! πŸ’–

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      1. hey, that is so the way to go. to be! πŸ™‚
        and no, not every effort is going to be out of the ball park – but, we can always call those…. our ‘warm ups.’ I do (smiling) ! cheers, debi

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