Go Paint Go!


Painting #1 Semi-abstract imagined landscape

I lost some blues in this which made this painting richer and the sky/sun is not as acid yellow, keep that in mind. I am rather happy using my computer lately for uploading photos and writing these posts.

This week has been pretty busy with painting, the above painting started out as intuitive though I had a directional left pull and I had to take a little time to resolve it. It might still have that pull but I do believe that the rays of light streaming down counteracts that.


Painting #2 semi-abstract imagined landscape

The purple lavender on the bottom is more of a grayed purple, keep that in mind. This one reminds me of a sand storm. I love granulating colors and it was perfect for this scene.


painting #3 semi-abstract imagined landscape

I was very pleased that I was able to get the photo to marry up with the actual painting, I lost some of the rich color when I posted it to Instagram. It reminds me of something out in space. I am really enjoying minimalism. I start with swiping on color, wet on wet use my sprayer, letting the colors mingle and blend. I turn it around and around and look for a scene. Most times it makes itself evident from the get go, I have been pretty lucky so far in that I find it so quickly. I only paint what I intuitively know what to do. If I don’t feel moved or am unsure of what to do next, I set it aside.


painting #4 Yuba river

I prefer to paint loosely and nowadays imaginary scenes but I do like to return to a more realistic scene to hone my skills. I had gone up to the North Yuba river about two weeks ago to plein air paint. This painting was from one of my photos. I use the photo as a jumping off point, I use artistic license, which is more fun.

P1220412.JPGPainting #5 North Yuba river

I was feeling a bit off the day I started this, I basically threw myself in a fury of painting hoping that I get out of my perfectionist funk. If anything, this is a creativity killer for me, being picky about how my paintings look.


Painting #6 semi-abstract imagined landscape

Woah, hold onto your socks! I love painting imaginary scenes but this one I am loving it but also scratching my head. I wanted to paint outside the box and really up my colors but boy, did I go wild!


Painting #7 semi-abstract imagined landscape

The sky/sun in this photo is not as acidic in reality and the blues are more of a Prussian blue which leans towards a blue/green. I wanted to go wild and minimalistic. More of an exercise, I think that Debi Riley’s last couple of posts inspired me.

P1220270.JPGPainting #8 imagined scene but inspired by Bullards Bar Resevoir

I wanted to add one more painting, sorry for the length of this post. The blues pop out more than they should, it was difficult to marry up the photo to the painting, the painting is very rich and deep with contrasting color.

Well, that’s in for now, keep painting happy!


27 thoughts on “Go Paint Go!

  1. very exciting, full of adventure these are! you are in your zone, with this style, technique and approach. whatever mindset (heart/spirit/mind) you have going on at the moment – it is, the perfect place. love these. 🙂

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    1. Thank you Debi, I had a bit of a rough go today but am thinking that I need a break to regroup, it can be soul wrenching to be in the zone. Actually I think perfectionism makes it more wrenching than it should be. I have been fighting it a bit. I think that is why your posts really spoke to me.

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      1. it IS … EXhausting, to be honest! fun, yes… but it takes, huge amounts of energy out too. smart idea to break, regroup relax and re-energise 🙂 No one really thinks of art, as an exhausting activity, til ‘they’ do it. Full ON with intensity and focus. then the penny drops, lol cheers, Tea Time!!

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      2. I am back at it perhaps for a shorter period of time. I did take the morning for a break, wonderful but I had the urge to get back it. I will be careful in listening to my inner voice when to take that break. Sometimes I push against it and pay for it! Tea Time sounds wonderful!

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  2. I’m really loving what you are doing, the loose semi-abstract paintings, the wilder colors, and also just your enthusiasm for what you are doing, for the direction your artwork is taking. It’s very inspiring. My own work has been on a downhill lately, nothing I’m particularly excited about, and I miss that sense of excitement. Hope to get back to it.

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    1. I understand what you mean….I have many moments when my enthusiasm wavers, I have to work at it. I am hoping to do a post soon and I am a little excited because I will be sharing what I ran across which addresses that. Thank you by the way, it has been a long road and part of the breakthrough is letting go and not worrying about controlling watercolor and allowing myself to discover. I still struggle with the outcome, but I know that will always be a struggle and perhaps if I use it as a positive rather than a negative. I think that when I focus on what I think that I am not achieving or hope to achieve that just opens up more disappointment. It is a really difficult balance of allowing just the right amount of desire to push forward to achieve the results I want but without it being a downer. 🙂


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