Paint on the Wild Side


Painting # 1 imaginary landscape

I was hoping to make a post using my computer and uploading from my camera but I ran out of steam. I have been busy with fall chores and prepping to have my 9 year old grandson over for a 4 day visit. I have been frustrated with the quality of the photos that I have been uploading with my Kindle Fire. They are often fuzzy because the photos are so pixeled.  I am thinking that perhaps the irritation using my computer would be worth it if I had better quality photos.

The painting above started out as an envisioned landscape and from there it evolved  over a couple of days. To keep my eyes fresh and allow time for paintings to dry, I had four going at once.



Painting #2 imaginary landscape

Truthfully I can’t recall how this started but here we are! In order to get the dark, rich color I paint wet on wet with thick paint.


Painting #3 river semi-abstract

We had high winds and lost power and I decided to take my supplies out to the patio to paint. I wanted to create a river scene. Painted saturated wet on wet and boy this was  exciting to paint! We were socked in with a huge amount of smoke, we knew fires were close by but no idea where. In the meantime I created! By the time our power came back on we heard about all the fires, the closest one to us was about 15 miles away.


Painting #4 semi-abstract of an imaginary landscape

This one is so fuzzy but I hope that you get the general idea of what it looks like. The colors are clear and vivid but you wouldn’t know it by looking at this photo. Oh well. This one was also painted on the patio. I wanted to paint a scene from a memory that I have of the woods in a campground in Oregon on our way to Canada.


Painting#5 Humbug Creek

This painting was an exercise of sorts exploring values and shapes. Painted saturated wet on wet, one of my favorite techniques.


Painting #6 Bullards Bar Resevoir

Of course I wanted to try a different take on this common scene of mine.

I hope to post more once my grandson goes home. Until then, stay on the creative side of life.






34 thoughts on “Paint on the Wild Side

  1. You’ve been in the creative side, for sure! Particularly liked the Oregon inspired painting, feels right from my memories of camping on the coast there!
    Glad you’re safe, and I hope your area gets rain and a chance to reduce and extinguish the wildfires.

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    1. I might try sharing it again once I take a photo of it with my camera, the photo here doesn’t do it justice at all. I couldn’t stand leaving it out of the collection here. We will be getting rain on Friday, though new fires keep popping up all over the place. 😞 I kid you not, fires every single day, but luckily the firefighters get on them quick. Cheers!


  2. I particularly like the forms in 3, the implied rushing water at the bottom juxtaposed with the solid tree trunk like structure, both so cleanly executed and the flash of yellow which really draws the eye – very elegant and effective, Margaret.

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  3. Margaret…your recent painting working from the imagination and intuition are simply wonderful. I can see and feel the joy you are experiencing in painting them. I always think it’s a good idea t work on at least two paintings at once….especially when you are working like this. Hope your time with your grandson goes well…and again so glad to hear that your property missed the fires. janet 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, I feel like I am truly at home, my “creative home” that is when I paint this way. Now I understand the boredom I feel when I paint objects realistically, no heart or soul imho. Well, lately I often have up to 4 paintings going and I switch back and forth, it works very well for me. Cheers!

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