Painting Out of My Mind!

P1220744Painting #1 Abstract based on Psalm 50: 1-6

I am so impatient today with this post, I am not satisfied with my photos, neither on my phone or via my camera. No matter what I did, I just can’t seem to marry up my photo to my paintings!! Sigh….

P1220746painting #2 imaginescape

I wasn’t sure if this one would work and I kept at it until I found my way in, sometimes you have to muck through to get to the gold.

P1220748painting #3 Sand Pond

Iย  almost gave up on this one, I am receiving high praise for it on Instagram, I am on the fence. Though I do like the feeling of serenity.


Painting #4 semi-abstract imaginescape

I kept at this until I had my “feeling” I wished that this photo shows the inner light, very transcendental.

P1220751painting #5 semi-abstract imaginescape

I was not able to tone down the yellow at the top, not as vivid in reality. This one was so fun to paint. For some reason my inner artist seems to try for this scene over and over. Perhaps someday I’ll figure out why.

P1220742painting #6 forest scene

Of all the paintings that I am not happy with the photo, it is this one. The yellow is really a raw sienna, not this yellow, the blues are too vivid, in reality the overall colors are all grayed. The over-all softness is not apparent in this photo, sigh, one last time.

I would have discussed more about my techniques but truthfully I am getting impatient and want to get to painting. If you have any questions, ask away. Until next time!


25 thoughts on “Painting Out of My Mind!

  1. All very beautiful Margaret ~ but #4 is my favourite, it’s so especially beautiful…. !

    And I do totally understand what you mean about not being able to accurately represent your art in your photos…. I’m an experienced photographer and even I find it extremely hard sometimes (and sometimes impossible) to get the colours of my art right in my photos. I do find my DSLR camera gives me the best results but it means I have to do a little more photo editing work on my PC afterwards….

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  2. I too have problems photographing my paintings. They never look quite like they do in real life, and often for the worse. But normally the photographs of the paintings you post are so clear and vivid. I’ve always admired that. These do seem “off” so I appreciate your frustration. Hope you were able to work that off when you got back to painting!

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      1. I couldn’t help commenting.. It’s after a long time that I’ve been moved so.. Anyway, I won’t gush here in your comment thread, and humbly take your leave for now. I feel like I’ve found something magical on WordPress ๐Ÿ˜‡๐ŸŒŒ

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      2. Aww! I am always hoping and praying that my art moves people. I think that is why I have moved more and more into painting intuitively, it gives me the way to express my creative spirit. Thank you so much, I feel validated โค๏ธ๐Ÿ’ฅ

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