Busy Makes Happy


painting #1 of the South Yuba river

If any of you have wondered if I have gone missing for good, here I am! Actually what happened is that I have recently purchased a Kindle Fire tablet and discovered that I can use it to take and upload photos to Instagram. I have tried Instagram before using my cell phone but I hated the quality of the photos (picky me). Posting there is so much easier, less than a minute and I am done. It takes me forever to navigate around WordPress, I almost dread it because it is so funky and slow. I haven’t given up entirely on my blog here but if you want to see what I am up to follow me on Instagram: Here I am!

I have also discovered that I can do a far better job of editing my photos of my paintings spot on. Going from my regular camera and editing I always seem to run into having my blues stand out a bit too much or my yellows are off.  On Instagram I am amazed how spot on I can get my paintings to be. Plus it is so fun and easy.


painting #2 of Bullards

This painting was started as a plein air but finished in the studio. It was so difficult to capture what I saw there and I almost decided to turn this over and use the other side. I decided to finish it and I really like the water.


painting #3 of Bullards morning light

This painting is not as yellow and pink in the sky, more subtle, keep that in mind. I had gone out to plein air paint at Bullards one morning, showed up at 5:45 am. So beautiful there but so very difficult to capture what I was looking at. I decided to sit and watch the light hit that section of trees and I think that about 30 minutes passed and I just sat and observed. In the not so long ago past, this would have upset me, the fact that I couldn’t capture what I was looking at.

Once I got back into the studio, I decided to paint entirely from my memory of the morning. It was simply magical how it poured out of me. To realize that you can’t truly capture Gods’ creation to the absolute T is imperative to being at peace as an artist, imho. But, we sure can express how we feel about what I see or experience, that is for certain. That is my goal.


painting #4 of the North Yuba

Perhaps a little more detailed with the rocks than I like but then I had fun with this one. 


painting #5 of the South Yuba

No don’t adjust your monitor, this was purposely painted with an out of focus, soft approach. I didn’t want to fuss with details or bringing it up to a finish, I wanted an impression, that is all. This was painted saturated wet on wet. 

Thank you for bearing with me on this long post, have a wonderful 4th of July for those who celebrate!

**A word about photos. The paintings and photos on my blog are mine, taken by me and copying them would be stealing from me. If you find a photo that you would like to copy or use, I request that you ask me for permission and I expect you to give me full credit for my own photo. Thank you so very much.






25 thoughts on “Busy Makes Happy

    1. Haha…I like that 😁 I’ll do short posts or something, I think that I get too impatient having to fiddle with uploading from my camera then writing and what have you. At least my computer is not acting up like it was, that added about 50% of the nerve wracking hassle.

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  1. WP tech stuff … humph. but, I HOPE you stay here! I do like the IG square format, its always a big fav of mine the square matt. anyway, your IG pics are clearer, too bad there isn’t a way to slide them over to use for WP !!
    I love, all your river and plein air work! I know you are enjoying the summer fun outdoors Margaret, playing along the river shores 🙂 cheers, YRF

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    1. I agree I think that my photos are clearer and the colors are spot on with the IG site. I have an expensive camera no clue why my Kindle Fire does a better edit job. I have transferred and posted once but haven’t played with it enough. I just might do that. 😊

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  2. I was looking at your instagram page and wow it’s impressive to see so many of the pictures all at once. You’ve been a painting machine! So, unfortunate that you’re having tech issues with wordpress — especially for me! because I cannot interact with instagram. I have no smart phone. I only have a dumb phone. Still it’s fun to look at the instagram page on a computer.

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    1. A lot of those paintings are from the past year but you are seeing my new paintings as well. The tech problem with WP makes it so excruciatingly time consuming. I almost dread posting on there. I sure miss it though! I have been thinking of doing an occasional post and compile some of my favorite current work. I think that you can comment but uploading has to happen with a smartphone or like me with my Kindle Fire. Actually I am able to get my photos spot on with it, a plus plus situation for me.

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      1. I have tried commenting from a computer on another friend’s instagram without success. But if you continue making pictures like these (as no doubt you will), you can predict my comments which would be “wow!” “oh, wow!” and “absolutely awesome, wow!”

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