Painting into the New Year

P1220503.JPGpainting #1 Imagined landscape

I am doing one last post for this year anticipating a break in January. I am going to be focusing entirely on painting and not posting here or on Instagram. By the way, I have no idea why my Kindle takes better photos of my paintings than my expensive camera. All of the blues are either too blue or it doesn’t show the transition of color very well. The above photo has more blue/green than it appears.

I was very frustrated looking for a painting to appear, so I sprayed on more water and there it was! a mountain!

P1220508.JPGpainting #2 Imagined landscape

This one is not showing the nice transition of grays, blues are popping up. Ugh…. this one is one of a series on light coming through the mist.

P1220504.JPGpainting #3 Remembered Landscape

As I am typing here I have 10 minutes before my lime flan is ready to come out of the oven, yikes….the rush is on! The above painting is one of a series of remembered landscape of the scene on Shenanigan Flat.

P1220510.JPGpainting #4 Remembered Landscape

This one bored me when I finished painting it but then I think that it has a calm serenity that intrigues me now. The blue/green doesn’t show up as it should but you get the general idea.

P1220511.JPGpainting #5 Remembered Landscape of Lake Francis

I wanted to test out a few colors combinations and this is one of two that I painted. I haven’t posted this one to Instagram, so it is new to those who view my paintings there.

P1220507.JPGpainting #6 Remembered Landscape of Lake Francis

This is the other landscape with similar colors. This one is on Instagram and the colors are more true on there. I did come back in and punched up the values and created more of a focus.

P1220512.JPGpainting #7 Imagined Landscape

I am trying to get this view painted as I have it in my imagination. I am not quite happy with it as of yet. The blues are too sharp here in the photo as in reality, more grayed down blues. Yikes! 2 minutes and my flan is done, I am almost finished here anyway.

I hope that you all enjoy New Year’s Day and I am looking forward to coming back to post in February.

18 thoughts on “Painting into the New Year

  1. 1,3.5.6 are all utterly enchanting and make me – Want Them!! you know, when you see something and you feel like you want to possess it?!! LOL
    Margaret well done. your use of ratios with soft/hard edges is FAB. soft edges to me equate, in a way to ‘spirit’ and the hard edges to ‘earth’ things of the earth.
    #1 for me, is divine. and as you know I do love the naples yellow look. not certain that you did use it, it has the ‘look’ of it though. Gorgeousness! plus prussian pb27 is a winning duet. perfection. cheers, debi happy blessed 2018

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  2. Thank You Miss Debi! hmmm I love that “soft edges equate (to you lol) in a way to ‘spirit’ and the hard edges to ‘earth’ things of the earth”… that! on #1 I used raw sienna and New Gamboge but just the right mix gives that soft subtle glow. As you probably know New Gamboge packs a wallop if one isn’t careful. My problem is when I have them and I don’t want to let them go! My little gems of pure creative love 🙂 that is something for me because of my problem of being on the fence of either hating or loving them!


  3. Happy New Year dar Margaret. Good health, peace and much creativity. I know that you are taking January for a month of pure painting….must say I am doing much of that myself and it is the very best way to begin a new year.
    Over the past year, your work has changed and grown and it has been such a delight to follow. I shall look forward to more during the coming year. Janet 🙂

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  4. Happy New Year Margaret – hope the flan came out as well as your paintings. I have been having problems printing from my photo programme and am now just printing using the standard computer software and I noticed on this software I can also modify photos before printing. One option is an enhance option – on some photos (not all) it can really bring the colour out. I have been doing that on my recent travel photos and then storing them in the modified form. See if you have anything similar – it might alleviate some of your frustrations.

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