Busy Painting

P1220500.JPGpainting #1 Morning  light on Oregon Creek

I had hoped that I could marry up my photo to the actual painting, I did a pretty close job, the grayed down colors aren’t showing up as it should and the backlight isn’t coming through as dramatic as I like. But aside from my silly complaints, I adore this painting! One of my favorites.

Lately I have been delving more into a minimalist approach to painting and I feel that it fits my style. The painting above was one of those exercises that I pursue now and then to keep my technique honed but it came across with more feeling than I had anticipated. It is an area that I have visited quite often, only down the road a few miles from me and about a 5 minute hike in.

P1220475.JPGpainting #2 imagined landscape

I painted this one when we were out of power and I painted in front of the woodstove. It is such a hassle to take my painting supplies down to another location in the house but it was well worth the struggle. I originally planned on a dramatic sky but my sky turned into a wild free for all landscape, punched up with dramatic color.

P1220472.JPGpainting #3 Remembered Landscape of Sand Pond

I enjoyed painting this one and I love that glow coming through to the left.

P1220501.JPGpainting # 4 imagined landscape

I struggled in getting the correct colors but I think that it is pretty close, though the foreground is more ochre in reality than it appears here. I loved splattering on water and watching the magic. Watercolor is so much fun! I ADORE the medium!!

P1220494.JPGpainting #5 imagined landscape

I woke up on Christmas Eve with this glorious streaming light imagery in my mind’s eye and I had to paint immediately. I painted 4 within a 3 hour period. This is one of them.

P1220492.JPGpainting #6 one of the four in a series based upon light

I think of all the four (of which I am showing only two in this post) this is my favorite. For one thing, I didn’t think it was working and I soon realized that the orientation changed on me. I envision it as a “waterfall” of light. I painted it entirely by instinct and I knew when to brush on water to create those swirls of bloom. I feel that this is where my spirit soars with watercolor. I find anymore that forego drawing on my paper but get down to business with painting. I thought in the past that it was impatience but it is because most of my paintings veer from the lines that I would draw anyway.

P1220498.JPGpainting #7 wip imagined painting

I included this one though I didn’t edit the photo. I am letting this sit a bit to see what I need to do with it. I have a fascination with light. For the past several days as I paint these paintings focusing on light, I have been listening to an Icelandic group by the name of Sigur Ros, it fits the mood to the T.

I recently sold of one my paintings to someone here on WP and I think that it came at  a time that I needed a little validation. Thank you so much and you know who you are! I also sold two more just this past week and even though I don’t paint to sell, it has encouraged me to continue on. I am considering taking January off to focus on my painting but who knows I might post, We’ll see.

Happy New Year! Be encouraged and keep painting. It takes a lot of determination and work but well worth the effort! So keep on!






46 thoughts on “Busy Painting

  1. Dear Margaret,
    Number 2 and 5 I like very well! Your playing with the light in minimalism is coming across very well!
    Experimental painting is exciting anyway, it usually comes out of the belly! That’s the way it is with me!

    Your works are very beautiful, they reflect your love for nature!

    Greetings Babsi

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  2. Oh Margaret! Your passion and commitment to your art is so refreshing and exciting! To wake up with visions you must paint is so so so wonderful! What a gift you have! You are such an inspiration! Keep on loving what you do as it is shining through!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Imagined landscape #4 could be an alluvial plain – it really has that feel, reminds of a lake we often visit. The first painting is absolutely wonderful, full of light and movement. It’s great to see your paintings and read about how fired up you are with your painting – thanks for sharing, and all the very best into the new year!

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  4. Painting #5 is my absolute favorite, is has so much flow and depth of color.
    I also love reading the comments from everyone else… It always fascinates me how different images have a different appeal to each and every person. Everyone can find something beautiful and amazing in your artworks.


      1. dawnmarie

        Very cool. I am experimenting with diluted poster paint and salt for the kiddos and I love watching the paint do its thing. I have thought of you a few times while experimenting. I bet Your spend a lot of time going ooooohhhh….awwwww….will ya look at that! It’s mesmerizing watching the paint move to where it wants to go. That is probably just one of the things you like about water color, but man, it is a big one!!!!

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    1. Thank you, I prefer to use my imagination. I used to think that I didn’t have any at all but now I venture down that road more easily than following a photo. I might use a photo for inspiration but I usually never stick to it. Painting this way is freeing, fun and exciting!

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