Acrylic of Goose Lake


Goose Lake on 11 x 14 inches

I decided to use up some of my Liquitex acrylics and to make sure I really want to get back into the medium. I didn’t have all the colors I wanted, for one I had to substitute white gesso for Tit. white. I “made do” and I was surprised how much I enjoyed painting this little scene. I referred to the pastel plein air rather than the photo.

I had difficulties trying to match up my photo to my painting. The purple in the far back trees doesn’t show up too well or the light blue highlights in the water. The yellow highlights on those trees on the left is subdued, it is in actuality a beautiful bright yellow. Oh well!  I hope I can get my camera to take good enough photos because I won’t show my paintings unless I feel comfortable with how the photo depicts the paintings.  I might work on this further or call it good, I might gesso it and re-use it or keep it.



plein air pastel of Goose Lake


photo of Goose Lake

*A word about photos. The photos on my blog are mine, taken by me and copying them would be stealing from me. If you find a photo that you would like to copy or use, I request that you ask me for permission and I expect you to give me full credit for my own photo. Thank you so very much.




20 thoughts on “Acrylic of Goose Lake

  1. Aw, don’t scrap it! It’s a milestone in your ‘beginning Acrylics again’ journey! I like it! – it’s very green and has a whole different feel to it compared to the pastel one. I really hear what you’re saying about photo’s not always doing a picture justice…recently, I came across an Acrylic painter who swears by doing all her photos outside, in the shadow of the overhang of her roof…I for one am anxious to try that – when the weather permits! I also find I get much truer results if I use my husbands fancy camera !

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    1. I might work on it further after I get some white because I need to give some sparkle to the water. My photo shows it too dark and you don’t see how it shines with a glow….so disappointing but I will keep trying to capture the likeness of my acrylic paintings. Thank you for the encouragement!

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  2. dawnmarie

    I think ya did pretty darn good for you second maiden voyage. You have used acrylic in years and are used to watercolor. How did that feel? Was it weird? There is color shift for water colors also right? Does it go the other way…lighter vs the darker shift of acrylics? The dark shift drives me nuts because I forget and don’t pay attention…then all the sudden the painting is done and it is darker than what I put down on canvas! Lololol….white gesso…innovative! How was that to work with?

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    1. I think that I felt impatient if anything if that makes sense! Using a whole different approach in the way I hold my brushes put more stress on my hand and forearm and I ended up having some of my old issues with carpal tunnel or arthritis or both? lol Those two issues were the most challenging. I didn’t have an issue with the dark to light didn’t bother me at all which I am happy for. Gesso worked all right in cutting down the hue though I missed having the thicker consistency of the Tit. white. I think that I am too much of a slap dash artist and I feel that next time I’ll slow down and take my time. I do wished that my photo matched the painting because it came out too dark and some colors are missing….and the wonderful color and light in the water doesn’t show! ugh! if I can’t get the two to marry up I just might have to forego showing my paintings. How in the world do you manage it? For some reason I am able to get my watercolors to show true except for every now and then. Frustrating! I haven’t ordered my acrylics as of yet because I am stalling because of the hand/arm issue. Geez, not easy is it?

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      1. dawnmarie

        Sounds like a matter of just getting familiar again with the paint. I’m sorry your hands hurt. Will you continue or try the squash stuff. That is what I call it. Gauche? Is that how you spell it. Lol.

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      2. oh gouache? I was thinking about that but wanted a paint that has more texture and form than watercolor or gouache and takes more of an aggressive approach. Ugh….I don’t know right now. I am hoping that I learn how to handle the brushes with a light touch and remember to stretch more and take breaks.

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  3. I learend a trick years ago using White Gesso instead of Titanium White. I simply open the jar and if I want to lighten the color, say red, just put a bit of the red on brush, and dip it in the gesso. Yes it does amazing things, the smooth texture is great, and NO the red does not spread, I was skeptical until I tried it, but it really does not tint the gesso.

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