Getting Back to Acrylics


Acrylic on 11 x 14 inch panel 

This is an acrylic that I painted about 8 years ago based on a near by reservoir. In my photo, I lost the orange in my sunrays and the water….and the pinks in the sky but at least you get an idea of this landscape. I will be purchasing a new set of acrylics and this time I am going to order Golden acrylic. I hope to make the order today.

I was trying to decide between gouache or acrylic and I have decided that I need a paint that I can get aggressive with. Gouache is similar to watercolor and aside from the opacity, I am thinking that I’ll probably approach the medium in the same way as I do with watercolor. Perhaps that is my thinking but I want a paint that has a firmer body and I feel that acrylic might do the job.

Wish me good speed on getting my paints and equipment!


14 thoughts on “Getting Back to Acrylics

  1. New supplies and stretching canvas really get me going and ready to paint. Enjoy the supply buying! The reservoir painting is really nice I like the way you handle water. I also have lost some color and detail in y work when trying to photograph pieces. Very frustrating when you know the piece looks better than the photo. Suggestions?

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    1. I am so happy and fortunate that my camera and photo program does a very good job allowing me to marry up the photo to the actual painting. I do make sure that my paintings are lit up well enough when taking a photo of it and the closer you can get it to natural light, the better. Do you have a program to touch up your photo on your computer? I play with it until I get what I see in the painting. Most times I am able to do it correctly I can say probably 90% of my photos. So when it comes out wrong, it really irks me.


  2. Lovely picture and all the best with getting back into Acrylics, Margaret! Golden Paints are very nice, I have to say ! I also like the Windsor and Newton Pro series, which I think are made in France and have a nice consistency. I’m going to follow you and see what wonderful things you produce in this versatile medium!

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      1. I know what you mean! Acrylic is so much more versatile than water color, you can do it thick and juicy or thin as you like, slow drying or fast, scumbles and glazes, washes, special effects with objects from your kitchen…..ENJOY!

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      1. lindywhitton

        I use Atelier Interactive – they can be reactivated with water after drying – I fuind them very versatile. I also have a few Golden and I love the Golden gloss medium .

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