Latest Paintings

I have been researching how to get clearer photos with my Kindle Fire, hopefully I can get some satisfaction with my photos. This painting was pure heaven working on it.

This painting was a “fast and furious” session, maybe that explains that rock on the left. I might go back and soften up some edges. The falls could use more definition, we’ll see.

Oh my favorite scene! Again!

So I am completely undecided about this one. I love the atmospheric appearance but I am thinking it needs more. It was painted totally by intuition and in two layers basically swirling yellow and cobalt blue and indanthrone blue together with a touch of Ultramarine purple. I have no clue why I didn’t end up with green, that is a mystery.

Until next time!

30 thoughts on “Latest Paintings

  1. They are all wonderful. Don’t mess with the waterfall, you’ll mess it up. I also like the simplicity of the last one. I hope I can answer your question about not getting green. I am not familiar with idanthrone blue but it looks like it is a warm blue. What yellow did you use? Looks like ochre? Or maybe ochre with a dab of cadmium yellow deep?

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      1. Hmm, don’t use either of those yellows – the burgundy is definitely in the same range as ochre though – and will explain the lack of green – both the yellows and blues you have chosen are hugging the red edge of their respective zones on the color wheel. Therefore, when you mix them, the result kinda goes through the “mud” end of red. Does that make sense?

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      2. Well, It seemed to behave themselves 🙂 I realized that I took a chance and that is how I learn. I all worked out anyway. My yellows seem to be working for me. I understand what you are saying but then I like to ride the rails of excitement 😉

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  2. hallelujah!! wow! #1 magnifico. perfection. finished! love it! its filled. it makes me think. think of how dark shadows & clouds and circumstances may be surrounding us from all directions. BUT – There, Comes the Light! gorgeous. #2 I’d Leave It Alone!!! finished, as the strength of the front Rock, gives balance and stability. foundational security. the Wild waters spraying and splashing….. they are free! perfect. this is a perfect combo Miss M. You had a wonderful Helper. 🙂 Just WOW. yrf (not, jealous at all) LOL

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  3. I love them all, the light shimmering down in the first and third, the wild energy of the waterfall, and the quiet beauty of the last. Blue and yellow in combination always draw my attention, that contrast of the deep and light, I think.

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  4. These are all such powerful, expressive paintings. So wow. They transcend technique. You are wise to forget technique. They succeed as art should succeed by simply being. They are so beautiful as watercolors, as shapes, colors and textures — and equally, all at the same time, are so beautiful as forest, light, waterfall, rocks, lake, reflections and sky. Bravo. So glad you are sharing them on this blog.

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    1. Aletha you always seem to validate what I am thinking that I am achieving. 😊 thank you for that! So interesting that it is easier to step into that stream of creativity by flinging off technique. My problem now is that I don’t like a straight on approach, I want to get into that artistic flow right away and sometimes the start can feel too academic for me. That is my hurdle. Perhaps this is why I can throw myself out into the “rapids” to find my way there. 😊

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