Painting and More Painting

painting #1

I have been painting and also getting ready for fall and winter. I have been feeling a desire to get out there to paint en plein air with the weather changes. The painting above is wild and colorful but I wanted to get out of my usual routine. I like to stretch myself to see what happens.

painting #2

Another painting testing my colors and being loose, not sure if it works but that is alright.

Painting #3

This one was painted entirely by intuition, my favorite way to paint. This is that same scene that I have painted over and over.

Painting #4

Another view of that ever elusive scene. I didn’t have an idea where this was going until it was happening, I went along for the ride, easier that way. I

Painting #5

This was based on a photo that I took of a reservoir near me. I wanted to go dramatic and here we are.

Painting #6

I wanted to paint serenity but wanted to have a little more interest in the water, I added a little more detail for dimension. I might give this another try it two.

Thank you for looking.

31 thoughts on “Painting and More Painting

  1. What a collection! The first painting seems to herald the coming fall, and the sky in the reservoir painting is very dramatic. The dark tree painting appeals to me – I like the light falling into the forest. You’ve been busy – thanks for sharing!

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    1. Thank you Janet. thank you so much, I appreciate your assessment so much. I think that lately I have had a block in regards to painting en plein air. Just recently I have realized why, it is because I approach my scene more realistically when I do. I prefer letting my imagination take over, I can carry that into the field, correct? I know that you do! So with that in mind and the fact that you work that way, you are inspiring to me! Now I can’t wait to get out there to paint, especially now. 😊


      1. Yes, indeed we can carry our more intuitive and creative imagination into the field…..I find that as I am warming up at the beginning of a day’s plein air painting, I tend to be stiff…copying what’s in front of me…and then I relax and let other elements come into play…always much better. You have the technical side down pat and so it’a all about allowing the other side to become involved. The two paintings that I particularly liked in your lost blog held much of those two elements for me – technique and intuition. Have a lovely weekend of painting. janet 🙂

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  2. oh wow wow!! boy, I bet you are excited with these Margaret, I sure would be! they are strong, full of emotion, ‘feeling’ and you’ve handled the wc brilliantly imo. hmmm which is my fav … gee. hard call. #1 and #6 but, honestly they all have a special something. yay Miss M!! 🙂 yrf

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  3. I love all of these! You have indeed “found’ yourself. You’ve certainly mastered the wet-on-wet, The first is probably my favorite, the purple and blue and yellow, the way the light comes down through the trees onto the water, adding that hard edge. The third and fourth really struck me too, perhaps because the whole image does not show up in my feeder until I scroll down, and scrolling down I’m not sure what or where the image will go but then towards the bottom I see, and it’s like a revelation. Beautiful.

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