Making Do During a Snowstorm


wip of the Sierra Buttes
The top painting is one that I started a week ago and am taking a slow process completing it. I have yet decided to call it finished.
My reference photo for the painting above
on Fabriano 300# 7 x 9 inches


wip on Arches 140# rough 7 x 9 inches
wip on Fabriano 300# 7 x 9 inches
wip on Arches 140# rough
The above paintings were painted while I was stuck indoors without power during a big snowstorm.  I decided to haul my watercolor equipment down into the living room next to the north window and the woodstove. I used several plein air pastel paintings to use for my reference.
I would like to know if anyone else has trouble with their WP account. I have the most difficult time putting my post together. I can’t hardly change anything here or even copy and paste. I am so close to letting it go because it is so frustrating. Any ideas?


One of my pastel plein air that I used for a reference.

*A word about photos. The photos on my blog are mine, taken by me and copying them would be stealing from me. If you find a photo that you would like to copy or use, I request that you ask me for permission and I expect you to give me full credit for my own photo. Thank you so very much.



48 thoughts on “Making Do During a Snowstorm

  1. Hi Margaret, great work and use of time during a storm. I have had problems with WP, I could not even post a blog entry. Clicked the new post button, but the page just kept appearing blank? I often have problems when uploading photos, it can just quit saying there is a problem?? So frustrating, grrr.

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    1. I was wondering if it was my computer or my stupid fingers. It has been so bad since I have gotten back to blogging that I am contemplating letting my blog go….that is how bad it is. It is so slow and so sticky. I tried to move things around so that this post read more cohesive and tried to edit so many times I gave up! I was looking into doing Instagram but our cell phone coverage here is so bad that I don’t even try. Well, if you see me go missing, it is WP’s fault! lol

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      1. I think that I’ll stay but have to either learn patience or write or blog less. I hope that they do because I think that it has gotten about 50% worse in the last month. I have been posting on Instagram but my photos are hard to marry up to the real painting. I see that you are on there. You probably have a larger screen and a better phone. I have been thinking about switching over to there but I don’t like hardly being able to see what I am doing! oh the frustrations of on-line blogging!

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      2. I totally agree, the photo think on Instagram can be awkward, in fact even when I resize pictures it still cuts parts off. I don’t usually keep Instagram updated, or annotate photos well, but it is easy to use, just basic….Facebook is also ok, if you have it you can create a page? Or maybe you have ( I don’t go on it v often, but I can post on Facebook through WP which is handy….when it works!….and Pinterest. ( you can add a button, one click and its posted to the linked sites, I like that function 😀

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      3. Well, I have found that my photos of my paintings change so drastically when I post them to Instagram I delete them right away. The ones that I did leave are barely acceptable except for perhaps the snowy scene. I don’t want to mess around with trying to get the photo to duplicate the painting, so I might be short-lived on there, not sure. I am on FB but need to start a separate page for the art end of it. We’ll see. I don’t want to spend too much time posting. I do want and need some exposure but not wanting to push it to the point of commercialization. nope….

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  2. Wood So Wild

    I absolutely adore your mountain painting! I think it’s one of my favourites of all your work I’ve seen. As for WP, I haven’t had exactly the same trouble you describe – my photos load just fine – but when I tried posting my poems today, it changed the format completely once it was published. (To post material with line breaks such as poems, if you don’t know HTML coding, which I don’t, you first have to save it, perhaps in an e-mail, in plain text mode, then copy and paste into your post. Very clunky and time-consuming.) For a short, simple post like mine, it took two or three times longer than it should have to get it done. Frustrating for sure! For your particular issue, try checking the help section under “My Site” to see if there’s a quick solution.

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  3. Love that first painting – you have captured the smoothness of the water contrasting with the spikiness of the trees perfectly. I haven’t had trouble with my WP account…loading is slow sometimes usually due to crummy internet here, but otherwise OK

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  4. Wow Margaret! Stunning work! The Sierra Blues painting is superb – be interested to know what else you’re thinking of doing to it as it looks finished to me! Great to see that you’re off to such a flying start in 2017!

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      1. Thanks Margaret – I’ve had another look and personally – I like the lost and found edges that you already have as I think they capture the fog/mistyness perfectly ( plus, when I get to such a late stage on a painting I really like – I get anxious about the risk! Is the minor tweak I’m thinking of making worth the risk of messing it up – even if it’s only to my eyes! Whatever you decide Margaret – this is great!

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      2. thank you…..I think that I’ll put it up where I can look at it and assess it with no rush. I have several other references photos of this mountain that I’ll be working on in the coming weeks. I might as well move on to other perspectives of the same mountain and let this one simmer for a while. 😉

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      1. I just hope that the snow levels stay high for our next storm coming in because we have an anniversary to go celebrate on the coast! Let it snow up high not here! so funny….I hate driving in town when it snows because a lot of people freak when it snows, a lot of them are implants from the flatlands. But around here, people take it in stride…..give me a lonely snowy road and I am good, in town, NO. 😉

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      2. dawnmarie

        We are snow idiots in Albuquerque. Plus we don’t know how to use blinkers. No blinkers plus dusting of snow equates to disaster! Yes snow up high so you can go on your trip!

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      3. dawnmarie

        They just shut Albuquerque down. You must look at my Facebook pic as I am driving home from grocery shopping about only one side of road being sanded…while keeping in mind the city is shit down.

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  5. The Sierra Buttes painting is wonderful! I read what John had to say, and like him (but you’re the artist!) I thought it seemed a completed work. Really lovely!
    I love that you took the storm in your stride and set up shop in the best light and most positive way you could. As for WP, if I had a dollar for each time it has crashed on the iPad the past few weeks, why, I could retire. Very frustrating. That said, please don’t hang up your blogging boots!

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    1. Awww! I needed to hear that! I will think of you plugging away being determined when I struggle with posting. 🙂 I hope to get out there plein air soon, once the storms let up. Thank you Mr. Plaidcamper for the encouragement. 😉


  6. Wonderful pictures as always. As for WP, hopefully it was a glitch. It happens sometimes. Maybe they were updating the site. Or — something. Who understands all these technical things. But hopefully the difficulty was temporary.

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  7. I love your pastel plein air work and i am envious of your trip!!!
    On posting in this format: i have resorted to writing out my blog in word. Then bringing that pane up alongside the WP draft, copying and pasting. I also move my images into a transfer file which i open and then drag the image onto the WP draft. I have finally learned to set the index on the draft page where i want the image to land. I have also learned that by right clicking on an image you can adjust it’s size, align left or right and add captions-Whew!

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