A Touch of Gold

Along Shenanigan Flat aka Canyon Creek Trail on Arches 140# 11 x 14 inches

I won’t be able to paint or post for almost a week so I will be missing in action. My husband and I will be celebrating our 31st wedding anniversary on the 11th and will be staying for a few days on the Mendocino coast. Of course we are in the midst of one of the biggest storms that California has experienced in a decade!

My reference photo

I had more fun painting this. I have been finding that using a rigger brush helps with keeping things exciting and loose and especially with those trees. I didn’t want excessive detail and brought out only what I thought would help the painting. I plan on buying a larger liner though because the one that I do have is kind of small. I got the idea of using a rigger brush from watching Sandra Lynn Strohschein paint in her videos.

*A word about photos. The photos on my blog are mine, taken by me and copying them would be stealing from me. If you find a photo that you would like to copy or use, I request that you ask me for permission and I expect you to give me full credit for my own photo. Thank you so very much.

28 thoughts on “A Touch of Gold

    1. Thank you Rebecca! I used the liner where needed to give the right look and looseness in the trees and grasses. I mainly used my squirrel mop. If you google Sandra’s youtube channel, you’ll see her painting with it. I am hoping to pick up a larger one soon, I hope!

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      1. Ahhh yes, I thought it may have been, I have a good few of their brushes, three more for Christmas from my daughter, I love them all, I would next like one of her mop brushes. Great customer service and the catalogue is great because all photos are in true life size. Very useful. I think you will be pleased. ….you should get a catalogue sent with your order, plus a little sea oak magazine thing, which features certain brushes, a nice additional touch to a purchase I always think. 😀

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      2. I have the hardest time figuring out brushes and their sizes and having a true life size photo to look at would be a gem and a half! That is why I hesitate on purchasing brushes on-line, I’ll look into their catalog if I don’t receive one with my brush. thank you!

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      3. I am buying it from Sandra herself….now I am not being a snob by using just her first name, right now I don’t want to attempt trying to spell her name out, being lazy here. lol I hope that she sends something with it, crossing fingers!

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      1. Sounds like a good idea. We are expecting a very cold conditions tomorrow and for the weekend…but hopefully bright and cold which I quite like. Enjoy your time this weekend, when hopefully the storm will have passed. janet:)

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  1. Great painting Margaret. You are so good at suppressing the detail and getting to the large shapes and essence of the image before you. I hope you have a great week celebrating your anniversary.

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