June WC #8

Plein air pastel from three years ago

I decided to translate another pastel painting that I had done en plein air about three years ago at my favorite place to vacation. Located on the north coast of California, on a beach just outside of Trinidad.

the watercolor version 10 x 14 on Arches cp

I always enjoy translating a painting to another medium but for some reason I didn’t enjoy this one as much because having to draw it out and being “careful”, it was boring. Yes, I do like to live on the edge of my seat, you haven’t noticed that yet? I decided to use an opaque white not that I didn’t save my whites (or did I?) for the breakers, I did it just because. I am not so sure if I liked how it turned out. In the original it doesn’t look so stuck on as it does in the photo, a little easier on the eyes in real life.

My husband will be coming home on Wednesday from a fire assignment up in the northwest corner of the state. I’ll be spending some time reacquainting myself with having my husband back, I might go missing for the rest of the week. Who knows I might sneak back in here or go paint and post, we’ll see!

Learning points:

  • Go plein air painting just for kicks when I am needing a little more excitement!
  • Learn the fine line between being careful and letting loose, I prefer letting loose.
  • Keeping my whites and not getting lazy about it is key.
  • Paint when inspired! it shows in the painting if I am ho hum.

18 thoughts on “June WC #8

  1. Repeating a motif always provides something new to learn. Sure, you’re bound sometimes to like one version more than another. Whenever two things are compared one usually becomes the “winner.” Nothing wrong with that. If you do another one in watercolor, no doubt, you can address still different aspects of the scene. And it’ll be as though you put that landscape inside your brain — and what a lovely landscape to have hidden away in one’s thoughts — a beautiful beach with dramatic, enormous rocks!

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  2. The original pastel water looks amazing – so real and fresh! Your watercolor is a fabulous variation. This reminds me of something my mother in law told me – never plant just two of the same plants in a garden because you’ll always compare one against the other. Plant one or three or more! LOL

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