Shenanigans at Shenanigan Flat


Isn’t that pretty? Sometimes I don’t think that my fellow bloggers realize how I access these beautiful scenes that I paint at. At this particular spot, I have been go down a steep trail often grabbing trees for stability. I pick my way down very carefully and often I worry that I might go sliding down the hill! So, I had this great idea that I could have my industrious son-in-law, Luis install a rope system for me. He is a tree climber and knows life saving knots and rope systems. Who else to call upon to help me?

Luis working hard being “knotty”

I love this area and I am hoping that now I can safely access my favorite location in order to paint during the winter as well. See you all down at the river!

34 thoughts on “Shenanigans at Shenanigan Flat

  1. So gorgeous – and no wonder it is called shenanigan as it sure takes shenanigans to get there! Lucky for you to have Luis and that great rope! What a great “knotty” πŸ™‚ guy to do that for you! ❀

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  2. gorgeous! I do believe you’re right, many folks would have no idea of just how tricky…. treacherous, the hike to your fav spot might be!!
    we seem to think… drive, park, and its all there in a nice little grassy park. right next to the car park. hehehe. from my old days hiking… I do know better.

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