A Break Until January

Painting #1 “Fire Skies” 11 x 14 inches

I have decided to take a break and will return in January. I am a very positive person but with the Camp Fire affecting my neighboring communities, I have been dealing with some depression. I was worried the first week about a friend of mine who lived in Paradise. Once I heard that he and his wife were safe and sound, I was relieved. Sad to hear that he had lost everything in this fire.

Painting #2 “Foreboding” 11 x 14 inches

As the fires raged, I couldn’t help but paint what I was feeling. I was a Butte County resident during my college years in the 1980’s. This area is dear to my heart. My husband and I often ride up to Chico and Paradise for the day. It will be forever changed.

Painting #3 untitled 11 x 14 inches

This one was not as successful as I have hoped it would be. Perhaps a little busy. It turned more into a semiabstract.

Painting #4 “Fury” 11 x 14 inches

I just couldn’t get the fires out of my system.

Painting #5 untitled 11 x 14 inches

I don’t know what to think about this one, not sure where this is. Not sure if it success.

Painting #6 “Wistful” 11 x 14 inches

After completing this one I felt that I needed to take a break. My attitude towards my art has taken a big slump. I don’t like having such a negative attitude. I have decided to take a break from posting until January. I do have a pastel portrait to finish and I will continue with that.

I will see you all in January!


November coming

Painting #1 “Free to Dream” – remembered landscape – 11 x 15 inches

The above painting turned out to be more abstracted than I intended and I like it! I will be working exclusively on my portrait commission in November. I was able to flip some failed paintings over and paint some new paintings. I know, I know I need to buckle down and get serious. I will be now focusing on the task at hand.

Painting #2 “The Light” – imaginescape – 11 x 14 inches

Painting #3 Solitude Dreaming – imaginescape – 11 x 15 inches

I almost gave up on this one (typical for me) but kept at it until I felt better about it. I was surprised by how many people on Instagram really like it.

Painting #4 untitled – imaginescape – 9.5 x 14 inches

Painting#5 untitled – imaginescape – 15 x 20 inches

Painting #6 untitled – semiabstract – 15 x 20 inches

I loved painting this one. I naturally paint intutively and when it comes together so easily, it is pure joy and magical.

Painting #7 untitled – imaginescape – 11 x 14 inches

I have discovered that I prefer #140 over 300# paper. The above paper is 300# and it soaks up paint so much more which then turns insipid (to me). I use a lot of thick paint and yet I still have to go back in with even thicker paint.

Painting #8 “Peace” abstract – 11 x 14 inches

Last one for now. This was originally painted months ago and I decided to rework it, I am glad that I did.

Have a wonderful week!

A Break from the Break!

“Out of the Mist” – imaginescape 11 x 15 inches

I am taking a moment to post a couple of recent paintings. I have been enjoying my break from posting and having a blast painting. Unfortunately I have ran out of my watercolor paper. I am suppose to be working on a pastel portrait commission for Christmas. I decided not to purchase any more paper it paint until I finish the commission. Good luck me!

“Interlude” – abstracted imaginescape – 11 x 15 inches

I have been working on focusing on painting without an audience. I have noticed that I fall into that trap especially on Instagram. I truly don’t like that tendency of mine. Part of why I have taken a break was to pull away from that imagined audience. It has done wonders in that aspect.

I am unsure if I will be posting again in October, we’ll see. As I mentioned I will be busy with a commission. My daughters’ mother-in-law wanted a portrait of her and her husband. I am enjoying it so far. They are originally from Mexico and I have been listening to music from their country of origin to set the mood. Very enjoyable to say the least. Until then, enjoy the fall weather!

October Break

Painting #1 “Pillar of Strength” -imaginescape

I will be taking a break from posting in October. I have a lot of outdoor work to do to get ready for fall and winter. I am looking forward to a break. For some reason I have been very picky with my painting lately. I will be painting but not as much as I normally do.

Painting #2 “It Isn’t As It Seems To Be” – abstract

I love returning to my intuitive abstracts, something that allows my spirit and creativity to soar.

Painting #3 “Mist on the Yuba”

Returning to reality work keeps me grounded and bored! I do like to fly with creativity and reality scenes does help me hone my skills.

Painting #4 “The Beginning” abstract

I originally titled this The End but someone thought that it looks like a womb, I think that it looks more like the title should be The Beginning. My sister gave me some of her art supplies and among them were water soluble oil pastels. They are so rich and creamy, of course I had to try them out on a watercolor painting. So here it the results.

Painting #5 untitled – remembered landscape

I just had to paint Bullards reservoir again.

Painting #6 “Everlasting Springs” – imaginescape

I turned over a failed painting and painted this one. I had some paint splotches which I don’t really mind. I used them to create several birds in the sky, not sure if it works but that’s alright!

Painting #7 “Reflections” – imaginescape

I hope that this coming month is productive and fun for all of you. October is my favorite month and I plan to enjoy it, until next time, cheers and God Bless! ❤️

October Around the Corner

Painting #1 “Amber Skies” – imaginescape – 11.5 x 15 inches

I have painted up a storm this month. In fact this week I painted 11 paintings in one day! Crazy!!

Painting #2 “Infinity” – remembered landscape – 10.5 x 15 inches

I love the softness of this one.

Painting #3 “Evening Sky at Bullards” – 10.5 x 15 inches

I always like to return to painting Bullards. I am fortunate that I live just a spit and holler from this beautiful area. I hike the trails 3-4 times a week, yes, I am spoiled.

Painting #4 “Mystic Woods” -semi-abstract – 11.5 x 15 inches

I enjoy exploring my imagination and always looking for what will show up next.

Painting #5 “Looking Forward” – imaginescape – 11.5 x 15 inches

I am so surprised that I can tap into my imagination, I used to think that I didn’t have one! I am continually being surprised.

Painting #6 “Another Day in Paradise” – imaginescape – 11 x 15 inches

I love the light in this one.

Painting #6 “Joy” – imaginescape – 11 x 15 inches

Sometimes I feel like I riding a wave of joy when I am able to paint scenes like this.

Painting #7 “Longing” 11.5 x 15 inches

My daughter wanted this one when she saw it. She said that it is “moody”, what a compliment!

Painting #8 “Abundance” – imaginescape – 11 x 15 inches

I bought a new Daniel Smith color, Green Apalite Geniune and it is a beautiful mixer. Well, that is enough for now. I have so many more to share, I will be doing another post in a few days. I am planning on taking a break from posting in October. I will continue to paint, though I will be working on some outdoor projects. Until then, enjoy your weekend!

Fall is Coming

Painting #1 “Guidance” 11.5 x 15 inches – abstract

I am a little resistant to the fact that fall is coming but at the same time I love fall. The colors, the change of lighting. The above painting was intuitively painted, starting with a bold yellow circle of paint. My favorite way of painting. I never draw or plan out a painting, I simply jump in and paint myself out, I guess I like to live on the edge.

Painting #2 “In My Dreams” 11.25 x 14.25 inches – imaginescape

I like to try out different color combinations, it helps me to keep things interesting.

Painting #3 “Faith Rising” 11.25 x 14.50 – imaginescape

I never know what I will get at the start of a painting, I am a person who normally likes to see where I am going but in painting, I like the unknown. Watercolor for me is an exciting partner.

Painting #4 “Living Waters” 11.25 x 14.50 – imaginescape

Followed by intuition to the last stroke.

Painting #5 “What Dreams Are Made Of” 11 x 15 inches – imaginescape

Oh yeah, this one was a thrill to paint.

Painting #6 “Blessings” 11.5 x 15 inches – imaginescape

Painting #7 “Light on the Horizon” 11 x 15 inches – imaginescape

One of those paintings that I derived from the joy of a different color combo.

I have so many more to share but I think that I will have to post more often to keep up with all of the paintings. I feel that I have hit an amazing level of breakthrough lately. I feel blessed. Have a wonderful rest of the week, keep painting or whatever you love to do in your life!

The Last Days of August

Painting #1 “Once Upon A Time” imaginescape 11 x 14 inches

I love painting from my imagination, nothing like it. I prefer not knowing the outcome, crazy because I used to be scared stiff about how a painting would turn out. Thinking about it, our approach to life can benefit from this attitude.

Painting #2 “The Day is Coming” 11.25 x 15 inches – imaginescape

I have been getting a few comments on how dramatic my paintings are. I suppose that I like to push for the extreme in my paintings. I find that ordinary subjects are boring or perhaps I am striving for my paintings to evoke emotion.

Painting #3 “Beyond the Horizon” 11.75 x 15 inches – imaginescape

I wanted to see how Piemonlite Genuine and Payne’s Blue Gray would mix, yes!

Painting #4 “Peaceful Waters” 11.5 x 14.5 inches – imaginescape

I wanted to change it up and boy did I! The photo doesn’t do justice.

Painting #5 “Rest in Me” 11 x 14.5 inches – imaginescape

I was very nervous the day I painted this. My husband went down to buy a new motorcycle, an Indian Chief Classic. The price and opportunity was a right but big purchases doesn’t come easy for a conservative person like myself.

As nervous as I was, it didn’t seem to come across in my painting!

I had to include a photo of the Indian and myself on our first ride together. I am totally in love with this beast of a machine. My husband and I are planning to go up to Canada on this bike, we have a lot of prep and planning to do.

Painting #6 “Around the Bend” 11.25 x 15 inches

I like to paint the Yuba river to keep in practice, don’t you know.

Painting #7 “Natures’Glory” 11.25 x 15 inches

This one is based on the Sierra Buttes though I chose not to be geographically correct in rendering the mountain, I am a huge fan of Chiura Obata and he often depicted Yosemite in his own way, with his distinctive vision.

If you know me well enough by now, you know that I am intrigued by the Asian artists. I share their approach to painting the essence of nature.

That does it for now, enjoy the lazy days of summer.

August and Beyond

Painting #1 imaginescape

“Hope” 11×14.75 inches

I am happy to say that I have an air conditioning unit in my art room. I was able to paint in comfort for the first time this summer. Usually during the rest of the year I paint until 4 pm. During the summer I can’t seem to go beyond 2 pm. So yay me!

Back to the painting. This one was painted rather quickly and without planning. I have found that I rather be under the gun and paint not knowing the outcome. For some reason this enables more magical creativity, this is amazing considering that I am a recovering perfectionist!

Painting #2

“Good Morning Shenanigan Flat” 11×14.25 inch

This is a scene that I like to return to. I think that I have painted it over 20 times. I could easily paint it 20 times more. I painted this on 140# Waterford Saunders hotpress. I am in love with this paper, it is heavenly to work on.

Painting #3 imaginescape

“Enlightened” 10.5 x 15 inches

One of those that was painted quickly. I am considering knocking down that far hill on the right. Seems to be too strident. We’ll see.

Painting #4 imaginescape

Untitled – 10.5 x 14 inches

I loved using Daniel Smith’s Quin. Sienna with this one. I might have to correct some areas along the water, that is an easy fix.

Painting #5 imaginescape

“Purple Haze” 10.5 x 14 inches

Oh yeah, so fun to paint this one. Sometimes I like to change it up and using a different color combo often helps. I have to admit that I often become bored with doing the same thing. All I have to do is try out different colors.

Painting #6 “Sunset at Bullards” 7 x 9 inches

This plein air was painted last year and I decided to re-work it a bit, mainly giving it some highlights.

Painting #7 abstract “Look Beyond” 10.5 x 14.25 inches

I really liked the waffle texture of this paper, no idea which brand, I need to find out which one.

Painting #8 plein air of Shenanigan Flat 7x 9 inches

This one is from last year. I reworked the background a bit.

Well, that is it for now. I have more paintings to post but will catch up at a later date. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

The Last of July Painting

Painting #1 “Abundance” 10.25 x 14.5 inches – imaginescape

I had a creative burst and this painting was the product. I believe that this is one of my favorites of this month. I painted it in one furious layer. I truthfully love to hit it hard and get out with no need to go back to punch it up or with more details. Reason is because I rather get it finished while I am that creative zone.

Even though I do enjoy working in several layers, From the beginning I knew that painting this, it was one of those “get in, get out” paintings.

Painting #2 untitled 10.5 x 14 inches – imaginescape

I did softened certain sections of the water where the light hits but haven’t taken a photo of it. This photo will have to do. If you have an idea for the title, by all means please comment.

Painting #3 “Yuba Glory” 10.25 x 14.5 inches

I painted this last year and never have posted it because I was unsure if I liked it. Now I do!

Painting #3 “Hold On” 14x 19 inches – abstract

Another intuitive painting that seems to follow a similar theme which I never resist.

Painting #4 untitled 10.25 x 14.25 inches – abstract

Again this theme keeps returning in my intuitive work.

Painting #5 “Joy in the Morning” 10.50 x 14.25 – imaginescape

I have so much joy painting from my imagination, there is nothing like it. I think that it helps me to loosen up, not only my technique but it jump starts my creativity.

Painting #6 “There is Hope” 10.5 x 14.5 inches – imaginescape

I like to explore new color combos, I wanted to see how Daniel Smith’s Aureolin and Mayan Blue Genuine would work together. I also used Quin. Sienna to give life to certain areas of the clouds.

Painting #7 “Come to Me” 10.25 x 14.25 inches – abstract

The orientation on this one changed, interesting how that happens.

Thank you for your patience looking through my paintings. Cheers and have an awesome week!

Imaginative Painting

Painting #1 imaginescape – 10.25 x 14.25 inches

“All My Springs of Joy are in You” Psalm 87:7

What joy it is to paint from my imagination.

Painting #2 – semi-abstract – 10.5 x 14 inches


I had a full day of allowing this scene to play out fully on paper. I remember not too long ago when I was afraid of letting go and now it is very comfortable to paint this way.

Painting #3 – remembered landscape – 10.25 x 14 inches

“New Perspectives”

Painting #4 – remembered landscape – 10.25 x 14 inches


There is something about trying to capture an ethereal look that I strive for. It has been a struggle at times but I feel that it is worth it. I have been tough on myself but it was the catalyst that keeps me pushing for what I want to achieve.

Painting #5 – imaginescape – 10.25 x 14.5 inches

“Enduring Waters”

This one really surprised me. My method generally is totally open, no planning or drawing. I know that sounds naive, perhaps it is but it works for me. I go entirely by intuition. With most of my paintings I feel as though I am personally in the scene, it certainly helps!

Painting #6 – imaginescape – 10.5 x 14 inches

“A New Day”

Oh my, this was so fun to paint, I knew exactly what to do.

Painting #7 – imaginescape – 10.5 x 14 inches

“Once Upon a Time’

Last one for now. I have been really enjoying my new found confidence and in general good attitude about my art. Not too long ago I had such a struggle at times and I feel that it was because I was trying to find my way, my approach. Well worth the struggle and time spent.

Thank you for coming by to take a look. Cheers!