July Painting

Painting #1 – “Incomparable Faith” 10.5 x 14 inches

Lately I have been enjoying letting loose with painting from my imagination. I kept working on this one until it seemed to take off. Painting “blind” is teaching me how to trust the process.

Painting #2 – “Electric Dreams” 10.5 x 14.25

The idea for this painting started out with an image bursting on my thoughts upon waking, still dreaming. I love it when that happens, downright magical.

Painting #3 – “Dawns’ Early Light” 10.5 x 14 inches

Recurring shapes keep showing up in my painting, no idea what or why, that’s alright.

Painting #4 – “New Beginnings” – 14.5 x 19 inches

At first I was undecided if this one was finished. I think that as the title refers to, it works. It can be tricky knowing how far to take a painting. Amazing how one can get away with a minimalist approach. I am not a master of it though look up the paintings by Mark Rothko and you’ll see a master.

Painting #5 – “Grand View” 10 x 14 inches

Based on my memories of the reservoir I live by, Bullards Bar. I am a fan of Albert Bierstadt and the Hudson River School and this one makes me think of the style.

Painting #6 – “Finding My Way” 10.5 x 14 inches

I love the grays in this one. I am often carried away with bold color and I prefer grays and a “low simmer”.

Painting #7 – “The Light Within” – 10.5 x 14.5 inches

Oh I adore this one because I was able to paint the majority of it in one attempt. I came back to punch up the darks. I think the reason why I like to paint the majority at first whack is because I am in that immediate zone.

Painting #8 – “Early Morning Bright” 14.5 x 19.5 inches

I worked on this for a few days as it needed to be gradually built up.

Last but not least….

Painting #9 – “His Amazing Grace” – 10.5 x 14 inches

Sorry for the length of this post. I don’t post a whole lot and I had quite a few paintings that I wanted to share. The above painting took a while to show up. I paint on about 4 or more paintings at once and when I turned around to work more on it, I saw immediately how I should proceed.

I love watercolor because it is a medium that fits my serendipitous nature. Have a fantastic weekend folks! Thank you for your patience.


Summer painting

Painting #1 Golden Shores – imaginescape

I was in a tremendous creative zone yesterday and this one literally painted itself, I held on to the brush and away we went! I know I am being silly but it simply was magical painting this.

I am learning that when I allow myself to let go and stop trying to control the outcome, I end up with a painting that truly expresses my creative self.

Painting #2 Yuba Solitude – remembered landscape

One of the 5 that I painted. There is something about this scene that inspires me.

Painting #3 Sand Pond

Painting #4 Another view of Sand Pond

Painting #5 plein air of the North Yuba river Shenanigan Flat

Painting #6 Bridge to Eternity – abstract

This painting changed it’s orientation a few times before the finished product. Truthfully I enjoy the not knowing process.

Painting #7 remembered landscape

This one is another stab at my favorite view. Never boring to me, I think that I have painted this view at least 20 times, perhaps more.

I will be having my grandson over for about 4 days so I won’t be able to paint. Until then, enjoy your summer days!

Rolling Along

Painting #1 imaginescape

I had painted this several months ago and was very frustrated with it. I brought it out when I was reassessing my wip paintings and I realized that I was judging it too harshly. I didn’t realize how close it was to being finished, a little trust and patience would help. I have been enjoying putting a painting away for a while and then bringing them out to work on. I swear that I keep relearning this!

Painting #2 remembered landscape

I purposely kept my colors subdued and peaceful while striving for a quiet depth.


Painting #3 Tranquil North Yuba

I wanted to continue on with using subtle colors and mood with this one. I am finding that I like to return to realism now and then.



Painting #4 abstract intuitive

I will post only 4 paintings at this time, though I have been painting extensively. I am working on developing a series of intuitive paintings that I hope to eventually show, at least that has been rolling around in my mind.



After much agonizing I have decided to continue on with my own way of painting. I challenge myself every single day with my intuitive painting. I don’t need a challenge that goes against my approach to art.

When I paint a realistic subject I try not to rely on my reference photo to execute a painting. For some reason this challenge of painting the Sierra Buttes pushed me into an area that I avoid and that is being overally critical. It took my husband asking me why was I doing this to myself? He knows that I love to paint the Buttes, but not in the way I was trying.

I suppose I failed, yes! Good! Now I can get back to my own way of painting, the challenges that works for me.

Painting #2 intuitive painting

I was very happy with this one. I wished that you can see it in person, the photo doesn’t do it justice.  I was planning to post more photos but wordpress is acting up and I am out of patience for the moment.

Thank you for your support, now I’ll carry on.



Day 3 #30x30directwatercolor2018

Oh my I knew that painting the Sierra Buttes was going to be a challenge. I felt stretched today and could feel deep despair coming on, so I ignored it and pressed on. There is something so trying in painting this mountain. I think that it is because I want to evolk mood and emotion while trying to stay true to the general geography. For people who are familiar with the Sierra Buttes, they can spot the mistakes. I have to remember that the great artist Chiura Obata often changed his subject, such as when he painted Yosemite. This time around I went dark and moody perhaps because it was how I felt!

Day 1 30x30Directwatercolor2018

Day 1 of my 30 Views of the Sierra Buttes in northern California. I am fortunate that I live about an hour from these mountains. I have painted them so many times, en plein air and in the studio.

I am wanting to raise the artistic bar for myself and concentrate solely on them, wish me luck! Painted fast and loose on Arches #140 14 x 11 in.

Finding My Way

Painting #1 Intuitive abstract

Oh what fun it is to discover that painting intuitively is my true calling. I brushed on a yellow, red and several blues, spayed and then trusted that my painting would appear. I know this sounds crazy but I knew instinctively how to sculpt this piece.

Painting #2 Intuitive abstract

The photo doesn’t do this particular justice. Originally the orientation was one way but as I turned it around, I liked this one. Again, I followed my intuition to the very last. Paintings #1and #2 were painted on Saunders waterford hotpress. I am planning on purchasing more of this paper, it is simply divine working with it. I say working with it rather than on because it seemed like the paper and I were working as a team.

Painting #3 imaginescape

I started this one as an intuitive piece and added the crags as an superimposed image, kind of cool if I must say.

Painting #4 autumn colors in Sierra County

I had been struggling a bit with my reality paintings and was growing frustrated with them. I decided to let it rip with abstracting this scene.

Painting #5 Autumn colors in Sierra County

This one was painted before the previous one and was tighter. I was getting lost in the rocks and that prompted the looser version.

Painting #5 North Yuba past Downieville

One of the tighter paintings while I was in one of my angst over “what the heck should I be doing!?” Haha typical vicious cycle of mine.

Painting #6 abstract

Oh boy, I loved painting this abstract. I was getting to the point that I needed to calm myself down with a little abstraction. It worked.

Painting #7 crazy wild abstract

Oh yeah, so fun to let go and see what happens with my intuition. I am still unsure about that circular shape but then someone pointed out to me that it is the black hole! I never know where my intuition will take me, it is never boring.

Until next time, take time to enjoy what makes you happy, life is short.

May Oh My

Painting #1

I have had some fun these past couple of days enjoying getting back to painting intuitively. For some reason lately I feel that I need to get it perfect and that is when I noodle a painting to death. The above painting was one that I painted while in between these moods.

Painting #2 Sierra Buttes

I am excited because I had garnered some interest with this painting. It might be the one chosen to be used for a concert poster. I sent the interested music group about five different choices, so we will see.

Painting #3 Sierra County meadow

Painting #4 Blair Lake

I haven’t been satisfied with my paintings lately as I mentioned, I feel that I have been over painting them. I am going to take it slower and also I have decided to work on setting them aside for a few days or longer in order to keep my perspective fresh.

Well that’s it for now, enjoy May!

Time Flies

Painting #1 remembered landscape of Bullards Bar Reservoir

I am busy painting as usual but also tackling outdoor clean-up. I have been enjoying some breakthroughs and a few setbacks. I still battle with my perfectionism. I am finding that it really helps if I take the rest of the day off to go hike or work outside.

Painting #2 imagined landscape

Take for instance this painting, I wasn’t at all happy with it on the onset. I have found that putting a painting away for a while truly helps.

Painting #3 semi-abstract of the North Yuba

Painting #4

I started this painting last year and I brought it out to finish it.

Painting #5 Imaginary landscape

This one was painted several months ago and I was ready to crop it but then I decided to paint a waterfall. Now I like it! I used a transparent white paint which works quite well.

I have more paintings to share but perhaps another time. I have been neglecting my WordPress blog, hopefully I will do better this summer. Keep painting and enjoy spring everyone!