To life, health and art!

Painting #1

I was busy with skies this week and this one was my favorite. I am back after the worst bout with whatever illness I had. So good to be painting.

Painting #2

I am uploading these photos from my phone as I am in a hurry waiting for a visit from my youngest daughter.

Painting #3

Another remembered landscape, going for feeling rather than details.

Painting #4

Painted saturated wet on wet. Now and then I like to return to this technique.

Painting #5 semi-abstract

This started out rough, I felt as though I was having an artist brat attack because I wasn’t able to get what I envisioned. Once I threw out my expectations, I intuitively allowed the painting to come forth. The light in obscurity, sometimes you have to trust. My photo doesn’t show the light as well as it should but at least you get the general idea.

Painting #6 semi-abstract

Last but not least. I decided to go wild with color and technique to shake it up. I have another one that I’ll share next time. Until then, enjoy spring!


A Plein Air Pastel of the California Redwoods

I was asked by Sarah Sullivan of I had posted my painting of the redwoods. I hiked out in the midst of these giant trees and set up precariously between the trail and a drop off. I managed to get in my studio to paint, not long but long enough to finish up another painting of the Yuba river. I’ll post it at some point. Still raining, no snow as of yet.


A Big Snow Storm Coming and Sicker Than a Dog.

I am going to be short here. Too sick to deal with it right now but wanting to alert you all that I might be mia for several weeks. Not knowing if we we lose our power or not.

The photo above is from several years back of the back of my house.

I just can’t deal with painting right now, I painted on Saturday but had to cut it short. 28 days of feeling under the weather is wearing me down. I can paint through headaches and pain of all kinds but not this time.

Good time to take a sabbatical, I think. Wish me health, send over warm thoughts and last but not least, pray for me. Happy painting folks. Whew, I am so done.

Painting Delayed, Doggie Sitting Here I come

P1220753.JPGpainting #1 Remembered landscape

The painting above is from a memory of a scene that I have been painting over and over again. It is actually at the North Yuba river but you wouldn’t know it by the way I simplify and abstract the elements.

I will be taking a short hiatus from painting while I am doggie sitting my Granddog. We have many plans for hiking, playing, watching tv, catching up with my reading, making new doggie friends. I am thinking about taking my art supplies but it might be too much of a hassle to take my watercolor equipment. I might do some research and take art books to study, we’ll see.

P1220759painting #2 North Yuba at Hall’s Ranch

I am undecided about this one, it is difficult to make sense of the rapids in this photo but in reality it is far better. I think that there is conflict about the focal area. But I do like the mood, let’s end on a positive note, right?

P1220756#3 Remembered landscape wip (I think!)

Another one, I did these in quick succession, hoping to thrust me into some imaginary land, creative muse on the mark, get set go mood.

P1220757painting #4 Remembered landscape of Lake Frances

Oh I wished that I could marry up the photo to my actual painting, I am very hard critic with my paintings but this one is beaming bright in my heart!

P1220758painting #5 Remembered landscape wip

This one I have yet to make some sense of various areas. I lost distinction of the river, I’ll work with it to get it to come alive.

P1220754.JPGpainting #5 Abstract wip

I have no idea what this will be, who knows? I am not worried, I might get a sky or a landscape or both by the time I am finished with it. I wanted to include it just because I wanted to stress a point that sometimes a painting can be one that evolves over time. I might let it sit for a while and work on it once I get back to my studio. Or, I might turn it over and paint on the other side.

Until next Saturday, Happy Painting!!



Painting Out of My Mind!

P1220744Painting #1 Abstract based on Psalm 50: 1-6

I am so impatient today with this post, I am not satisfied with my photos, neither on my phone or via my camera. No matter what I did, I just can’t seem to marry up my photo to my paintings!! Sigh….

P1220746painting #2 imaginescape

I wasn’t sure if this one would work and I kept at it until I found my way in, sometimes you have to muck through to get to the gold.

P1220748painting #3 Sand Pond

I  almost gave up on this one, I am receiving high praise for it on Instagram, I am on the fence. Though I do like the feeling of serenity.


Painting #4 semi-abstract imaginescape

I kept at this until I had my “feeling” I wished that this photo shows the inner light, very transcendental.

P1220751painting #5 semi-abstract imaginescape

I was not able to tone down the yellow at the top, not as vivid in reality. This one was so fun to paint. For some reason my inner artist seems to try for this scene over and over. Perhaps someday I’ll figure out why.

P1220742painting #6 forest scene

Of all the paintings that I am not happy with the photo, it is this one. The yellow is really a raw sienna, not this yellow, the blues are too vivid, in reality the overall colors are all grayed. The over-all softness is not apparent in this photo, sigh, one last time.

I would have discussed more about my techniques but truthfully I am getting impatient and want to get to painting. If you have any questions, ask away. Until next time!


January Madness

Painting #1 imaginescape

January was a fun filled painting vacation. I hope that the painting above is clear enough. I am finding that the camera on my phone changes my yellows into acidic yellows and wouldn’t work with this particular painting.

I truly loved not having to think about posting and I painted entirely for me without the idea of an invisible audience.

Painting #2 landscape (the blues are out of whack, more grayed)

I love letting out the imagination to play. I never know what will show up, I let it happen.

Painting #3 abstract

This one I thought was not going to work. I would work on it and then set it aside and over a matter of days I was thinking that I was going to have to scrap it. I then decided to use Prowhite to wash over it. I turned it around and there it was, my abstract!

Painting #4 landscape

This was so fun, I loved painting this one!

Painting #5 imaginescape

Dark and dreamy, looks like a castle in the far left at the horizon.

Painting #6 semi-abstract

Another fun painting, I allowed several days to gradually paint on this one. I wish that you can see it in person, the colors and granulation is more complex than this photo shows.

There you go, believe or not I painted 39 paintings and that doesn’t count the ones that I scraped! I am hoping to paint more slowly but when my creative juices get to flowing, going slow would be like holding back a dam break! So we’ll see.

Test Post

I didn’t plan on posting this month but wanted to try using my new phone to see if the quality of my photos is comparable to uploading from my computer. Here goes!

This painting started out as a remembered landscape of Bullards but it took on an entirely different view, so now it is an imaginitive landscape. No worries, it really doesn’t matter, does it? 

I am enjoying my time away from posting and focusing on painting has been so fun and refreshing. I will have to come up with a better plan in the future. Perhaps posting once a week on Instagram and a couple times a month here on WP might be the way to go. 

See you all in February.

Painting into the New Year

P1220503.JPGpainting #1 Imagined landscape

I am doing one last post for this year anticipating a break in January. I am going to be focusing entirely on painting and not posting here or on Instagram. By the way, I have no idea why my Kindle takes better photos of my paintings than my expensive camera. All of the blues are either too blue or it doesn’t show the transition of color very well. The above photo has more blue/green than it appears.

I was very frustrated looking for a painting to appear, so I sprayed on more water and there it was! a mountain!

P1220508.JPGpainting #2 Imagined landscape

This one is not showing the nice transition of grays, blues are popping up. Ugh…. this one is one of a series on light coming through the mist.

P1220504.JPGpainting #3 Remembered Landscape

As I am typing here I have 10 minutes before my lime flan is ready to come out of the oven, yikes….the rush is on! The above painting is one of a series of remembered landscape of the scene on Shenanigan Flat.

P1220510.JPGpainting #4 Remembered Landscape

This one bored me when I finished painting it but then I think that it has a calm serenity that intrigues me now. The blue/green doesn’t show up as it should but you get the general idea.

P1220511.JPGpainting #5 Remembered Landscape of Lake Francis

I wanted to test out a few colors combinations and this is one of two that I painted. I haven’t posted this one to Instagram, so it is new to those who view my paintings there.

P1220507.JPGpainting #6 Remembered Landscape of Lake Francis

This is the other landscape with similar colors. This one is on Instagram and the colors are more true on there. I did come back in and punched up the values and created more of a focus.

P1220512.JPGpainting #7 Imagined Landscape

I am trying to get this view painted as I have it in my imagination. I am not quite happy with it as of yet. The blues are too sharp here in the photo as in reality, more grayed down blues. Yikes! 2 minutes and my flan is done, I am almost finished here anyway.

I hope that you all enjoy New Year’s Day and I am looking forward to coming back to post in February.

Busy Painting

P1220500.JPGpainting #1 Morning  light on Oregon Creek

I had hoped that I could marry up my photo to the actual painting, I did a pretty close job, the grayed down colors aren’t showing up as it should and the backlight isn’t coming through as dramatic as I like. But aside from my silly complaints, I adore this painting! One of my favorites.

Lately I have been delving more into a minimalist approach to painting and I feel that it fits my style. The painting above was one of those exercises that I pursue now and then to keep my technique honed but it came across with more feeling than I had anticipated. It is an area that I have visited quite often, only down the road a few miles from me and about a 5 minute hike in.

P1220475.JPGpainting #2 imagined landscape

I painted this one when we were out of power and I painted in front of the woodstove. It is such a hassle to take my painting supplies down to another location in the house but it was well worth the struggle. I originally planned on a dramatic sky but my sky turned into a wild free for all landscape, punched up with dramatic color.

P1220472.JPGpainting #3 Remembered Landscape of Sand Pond

I enjoyed painting this one and I love that glow coming through to the left.

P1220501.JPGpainting # 4 imagined landscape

I struggled in getting the correct colors but I think that it is pretty close, though the foreground is more ochre in reality than it appears here. I loved splattering on water and watching the magic. Watercolor is so much fun! I ADORE the medium!!

P1220494.JPGpainting #5 imagined landscape

I woke up on Christmas Eve with this glorious streaming light imagery in my mind’s eye and I had to paint immediately. I painted 4 within a 3 hour period. This is one of them.

P1220492.JPGpainting #6 one of the four in a series based upon light

I think of all the four (of which I am showing only two in this post) this is my favorite. For one thing, I didn’t think it was working and I soon realized that the orientation changed on me. I envision it as a “waterfall” of light. I painted it entirely by instinct and I knew when to brush on water to create those swirls of bloom. I feel that this is where my spirit soars with watercolor. I find anymore that forego drawing on my paper but get down to business with painting. I thought in the past that it was impatience but it is because most of my paintings veer from the lines that I would draw anyway.

P1220498.JPGpainting #7 wip imagined painting

I included this one though I didn’t edit the photo. I am letting this sit a bit to see what I need to do with it. I have a fascination with light. For the past several days as I paint these paintings focusing on light, I have been listening to an Icelandic group by the name of Sigur Ros, it fits the mood to the T.

I recently sold of one my paintings to someone here on WP and I think that it came at  a time that I needed a little validation. Thank you so much and you know who you are! I also sold two more just this past week and even though I don’t paint to sell, it has encouraged me to continue on. I am considering taking January off to focus on my painting but who knows I might post, We’ll see.

Happy New Year! Be encouraged and keep painting. It takes a lot of determination and work but well worth the effort! So keep on!






Happily Painting

P1220483.JPGPainting #1 remembered landscape

I didn’t realize that it has been almost a month since my last post! I have been painting up a storm and sometimes I forget or dread posting here because it takes more time than on Instagram.

The painting above was thrilling to paint because I let all restraint go and let loose. I love texture and flicking on some drops of water and watching the results was fabulous. I think that is why I adore watercolor. The opportunity to let the paint do its thing and I am a willing partner.

P1220477.JPGPainting #2 Humbug Creek

I gave up on this painting once it was dry. It was started as a saturated wet on wet but I didn’t like the weak look. I have to admit I get impatient and I like to “sculpt” my paintings while they are wet. Once it is dry I will go back in and adjust but I like to paint about 75-80% in the first round. I started an abstract on the other side and abandoned that one because of feeling picky.

I turned this one over and I realized that I liked it more than I thought originally and finished it. To me it looks like it could be in the swamps somewhere in the Southeast US.

P1220482.JPGPainting #3 Bullards Bar Reservoir – evening light

I love morning and evening light at Bullards, something magical with the area. I am fortunate that I live within 5-8 minutes of this area.

P1220474.JPGPainting #4 Bullards – remembered landscape

While our power was out, I sat in the front of the woodstove to paint this one. I used my memories to paint it and I am quite happy with it. I can go with more detail with the water but wanted to remain simplistic.

P1220471.JPGPainting #5 Imaginary Scene

This started out from referring to a photo of some trees at the North Yuba but it took on a different scene and I am alright with that. I do believe that I need to soften the horizon line, seems too sharp and “chunky”, an easy fix.

I have to tell you about those trees on the right. I am finding that I don’t like to depict something too realistic because frankly it bores me. I didn’t like the trees at the onset because of that fact, I simply took my sprayer and watched it pull the color away and I ended up with something I could build upon. Again, watercolor at its finest moment. The medium is meant to be spontaneous, finding serendipity in creativity.

P1220473.JPGPainting #6 abstract

Originally this started out as an imaginary scene but I didn’t care for it until I saw a shape that I spurred me on to start “building” my painting. Away I went and before long I ended up with this abstract. My photo gives some hard and dirty edges that are not in reality, bear that in mind.


Painting #7 Remembered landscape

My favorite scene of course! I had a difficult time getting my photo and painting to marry up but I am satisfied enough to include this. I am quite happy with this and I took a few days in assessing and painting it slowly.

I hope to post more often, a month is much too long. I am happy to report that I am feeling more and more confident and the scourge of my perfectionism is letting up. When I struggle with it, I walk away and work through it before returning to painting. Thank Goodness! Happy painting folks!