Thanksgiving Snows

Painting #1 Haypress Creek – 11 x 14 inches

The painting above is based on our overnight camping in Sierra County with the Sierra Buttes in the background.

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving complete with a snow storm, and a power outage. Our family decided to go ahead with our Thanksgiving plans regardless if we had power or not. With the recent planned power shut-offs here in Northern California, this recent outage was a piece of cake. It was fun to be able to see bear prints walking through our property, in fact right by our car. We are bear aware and try to be responsible. We haven’t had a problem yet, well in the last four years at least. Another story for another post.

Painting #2 Another Time – 11 x 14 inches

This one is entirely from my imagination, my favorite way to paint. I try going for a general essence or feeling.

Painting #3 In The Shadow of Thy Wings – 13 x 19 inches

I simply brushed on colors and chased shapes and light. Sometimes this approach takes a while to emerge. Often I have to set it aside in order for my creative vision to capture the direction that a painting wants to go. I have to trust this process which means that I paint blindly. It has taken me a while to understand that this is the best creative avenue for me.

Painting #4 The Secret Place – 13 x 19 inches

I have a fascination with caves, mines, mysterious nooks and crannies within nature. I have been deep in a gold mine several times, as deep as 2200 feet. I have explored the inner workings of the 16 to one mine that my husband worked in. I never felt uncomfortable, hard to explain but I find such places creatively stimulating.

Painting #5 The Light of Thy Countenance – 13 x 19 inches

As I worked on this painting it was as though I was trying to capture wisps of smoke. An illusive searching and at the end, I felt that some expressive brush strokes using transparent white was the last hurrah. I might have already posted this one but wanted to include my thought process while painting it.

Painting #6 Morning Hope 11 x 14 inches

Yes indeed! Glowing light is something that I often chase. I wanted a mysterious feeling with minimal detail.

I will leave you with a photo of my favorite place to hike, Bullards Bar Reservoir. Have a wonderful weekend!

Hello November!

Painting #1 “Healing” 12 x 14 inches

November 8th was the one year anniversary of the Camp Fire in the Paradise area in Butte County. 85 people died and approximately 19,000 homes were destroyed.

I didn’t intend on painting anything to do with the fire but I instinctively reached for hot colors. I painted three paintings that I feel relates to forest fires. This is the first one.

Painting #2 “Everlasting to Everlasting” – Psalm 90:2 11 x 14 inches

I suppose that giving my artwork titles referring to Bible scripture might turn people off but I can’t help when scripture seems to fit or comes to mind. I can’t deny that part of my creative self, let the chips fall, I say!

Painting #3 “Indian Creek” 13 x 19 inches

This one is based on the creek at the campground that my husband and I stayed at on the Mendocino coast. Painted on one of my favorite watercolor papers, Schut Noblesse. The white of the paper is the most brilliant of any paper I have ever used.

The stampmill at the Kentucky Mine Historical Park in Sierra City, California

My husband is retiring the end of this year and his retirement party was held at the Kentucky Mine Historical Park in Sierra City last weekend. He spent 25 years with the US Forest Service in the Minerals Dept.

Photo of my husband’s crew (1990’s era) at the 16 to 1 mine located in Sierra County. It was fun to see this photo at the museum located at the historical park. By the way, the 16 to 1 mine is the longest running mine in California.

Photo of my husband on left and a co-worker and my daughter and her husband.

We camped at Haypress Creek with the view of the Sierra Buttes. The entire campground was open to anyone who wanted to camp after the party, we were the brave souls who did. It was so cold but we had a great time.

Photo looking towards the Sierra Buttes. That glow in the sky is the Buttes. Yes, it was a beautiful morning and this was our view. Until next time, enjoy your November fall!

Power Outages, Oh My!

Painting #1 Temptest 11 x 14 inches

I struggled getting this photo uploaded, I am not surprised because these past several weeks have been a trial.

This latest shutoff was our 6th of an average length about 2-3 days long. Out most recent (restored today) was five days long. Interesting how I was getting used to dealing with it all, never take your electricity for granted!

Prior to our current property, we lived a further 8 miles up the road and at about 3400 feet. We had to deal with quite a few outages and one was a good 19 days long, can you imagine that! Our generator wasn’t working and the pipes leading from our 1,000 gallon water tower were completely frozen solid. I melted snow day in and day out on the wood stove. To help deal with it all, I read Laura Ignalls Wilder’s book, The Long Winter.

Painting #2 Freedom

The reason for the power shut-off has been due to our extremely dry and windy conditions here in northern California. Last November our electric power company was found to be the cause of the Camp fire in Paradise where 85 people lost their lives. To ensure safety for their customers, the decision to cut power has been made on windy and dry conditions. We have been told that this will be our new normal for the next 10 years. Yep

Painting #3 Yuba Shenanigans

I haven’t been able to paint during these outages because of how dark my art room is. I took this opportunity to do more hiking, outdoor work and reading. My grandson Rollin was over during the majority of this time and he took it in stride. We played many games of Crazy 8’s, he was a happy camper.

Rollin, my 11 year old grandson

We had so much fun regardless if we had power or not, we folks make do! Until next time, count your blessings.

Fall, My Favorite Season!

Painting #1

How blessed are those who long for Him – Isaiah 30:18

This past few weeks I have been very busy dealing with getting prepared for the change of weather. Fall is my favorite season. We were out of power for three days and I wasn’t able to paint so I cleaned my art studio.

The painting above was painted rather quickly. I am finding that I love the color combination of Piemontite Genuine and French Ultramarine Blue. I also used Yellow Ochre and Burnt Umber.

Painting #2

Oh that I had wings like a dove! I would fly away and be at rest. Psalm 55:6

I started this painting while the power was out. I reached for a paint tube that I thought was an earth color but it actually was Quin. Magenta, yikes! I decided at that moment that I should wait until I could see to paint.

When the power returned, I continued with trying to see what I could salvage and I am now very happy with it. I was determined to make it work. Sometimes my paintings start out elusive and ends up being something I would never have envisioned. This one is painted on Arches hotpress which I am surprised that I could build up dimension quite well.

Painting #3

Have No Fear

An absolutely fun one to paint. It seemed to come out of pure obscurity.

Painting #4 – abstract

The Perfection of Beauty – Psalm 50:2

I think that the colors in this photo is rather dull compared to the actual painting but you get the general idea.

That is enough for now. I will be having my 11 year old grandson over for several days and I probably won’t be painting. I have several days of hiking planned for him. Perhaps I will post about our adventures. I have been taking him hiking with me since he was about 5 or 6 years old. I have made him promise to continue to hike throughout his life and in particular to take his own children on hikes. I hope that I can see that in my lifetime. Until next time, enjoy your week!

Mendocino and More

“Within” 11 x 14 inches – semi abstract imaginescape

Amazing that I can post this while camping in the redwoods. I finished the painting above a few days before leaving for Anderson Valley in Mendocino county. This post will be a short one.

My favorite tree, coastal redwood

If you ever get a chance to see the redwoods person, do it! Nothing like it, believe me. Tomorrow we will be hiking a redwood grove at Hendy Woods state park.

“Brilliance” – 11 x 14 inches

This painting is based on a photo taken by my daughter while on her job with the Forest Service in the high country in Nevada county.

Our ride, the Indian Chief Classic 2014

Isn’t she a beaut! So fun riding it especially in the redwoods.

See you on the other side!

Fall Paintings

Painting #1 “When Hope Reigns” 11 x 14 inches – imaginescape

I have had a wonderful few painting sessions, perhaps it has to do with the good aftermath of the art show in my little community.

I had no idea how successful it would be. I am not talking about sales but rather interest and a good turnout. I had the wonderful experience of speaking to several people about art and creativity. I did sale an unframed tree painting and a watercolor mounted onto a cradled board.

Painting #2 Untitled – 11 x 14 inches – semi-abstract of the Sierra Buttes

The painting above was a quick one exploring texture and color.

Painting #3 “Manzanita Lake ” – 11 x 14 inches

I wanted to see how minimal I could paint this. The far back edge of the treeline appears to descend but in actuality the photo makes it appear that way.

Painting #4 Bullards – 11 x 14 inches

I think that I enjoy trying to capture light on my paintings, a delight indeed!

Painting #5 “Forest of My Dreams” 11 x 14 inches – semi-abstract

My goal was to give you an essence of the woods, a visual forest bathing experience. I prefer to abstract my subjects, more exciting to me.

Painting #6 “Glory” 11 x 14 inches

Again, the light in the sky is the focus. My husband and I will be going on another motorcycle camping trip this weekend to Anderson Valley in Mendocino county. I plan on hiking in the redwoods and to go to Fort Bragg to explore.

Have a wonderful rest of the week. Thank you for stopping by and reading!

Recent Paintings and Art Show

Painting #1 “Closure” – imaginescape – 11 x 14 inches

A bit wild with color but I am the type of artist who needs to experiment with my creativity. The colors are Lunar Blue, Quin. Magenta and Pyrrol Red all by Daniel Smith watercolors.

I will be showing 10 of my paintings at our local community center in Camptonville this coming Saturday, September 22st. I am excited about showing my art. Truthfully I hide away and paint and this will be a wonderful opportunity to get some exposure.

Painting #2 untitled – imaginescape – 11 x 14 inches

Another one from my imagination. Wild I know!

Painting #3 “Another Day” – remembered landscape – 10 x 10 inches

I decided to crop this painting because doing so strengthen the composition.

Painting #4 “Whisper” – 11 x 14 inches

A seascape based on a beach on the North Coast here in Northern California. Dry Lagoon is a well known beach for sneaker waves and excellent for agate hunting.

Painting #5 untitled – imaginescape – 11 x 14 inches

One if my favorite ways to paint, thinking of a dramatic sky and an atmospheric landscape and seeing what happens.

Painting #6 untitled – 11 x 14 inches

I have been working on seascape paintings lately, especially with fog. I think that it is an excellent exercise. I have the tendency to be aggressive, I have to learn to hold back.

Painting #7 untitled – 11 x 14 inches

Sometimes I like to try out a technique that I see on YouTube to find out if my way of painting is true to my approach. I am often very picky with a painting and sometimes I get caught up in thinking that I am a perfectionist. I am to a degree but after trying this technique, I discovered that I am digging for more and with that digging, there is a bit of angst.

I am looking for a look, a feeling and this technique fell short. It looks too straight forward. I might give it another go or either tweak it to suit my own creative self. The technique is simply squeezing out several blobs of color and using a credit card to swipe onto wet paper. It is exciting but ( to me) it has a technical look.

Painting #8 wip abstract – 13 x 19 inches

I haven’t even posted this yet on my Instagram account. I will be assessing this for a period of time. I often return to abstraction to explore color and shapes and to stretch my artistic muscles.

I have been kicking around the idea of venturing into mixed media, more on that later. Thank you for stopping by and reading this post.

September Fantasies

Painting #1 “Adventure Awaits” 11 x 14 inches

Off and running into September, can you believe it? The painting above was a venture into my imagination and I had no preconceived idea what or where I was going with it. So fun to discover scenes from my creative mind.

Painting #2 “Deep Calls to Deep” 11 x 14 inches

Another one from my imagination. When and if I frame it, I am thinking that I would crop it a bit.

Painting #3 “Extended Delight” 11 x 14 inches

A bit wild with color but I like it. No idea what was going to show up but I can almost envision dragons coming out of the deep.

Painting #4 “Rising” 11 x 14 inches

I suppose you could say that my imagination went wild these last few weeks, yes indeed! I have several more but not finished yet. Enjoy your week!

August End

Painting #1 11 x 14 inches – remembered landscape – based on Bullards Bar Reservoir

Yes we made it back home from Lassen Volcanic National Park here in Northern California. We had a safe trip and had the best time. I found Lassen to be one of my favorite places to visit, we were never pushed by crowds and the traffic was minimal. As much as I love Yosemite I prefer avoiding it because of the horrendous crowds. Lassen is laid back in comparison.

The above painting took a side avenue and I am alright when a painting makes it’s own way.

Lassen Volcanic National Park

Painting #2 11 x 14 inches based on Lassen

I will use a reference photo for a painting but I expect them to come alive with a little abstraction. I think that if I want to depict an area realistically, I might as well show the photo and forget trying to paint the scene.

Painting #3 11 x 14 inches – looking out towards Manzanita Lake at Lassen

So fun painting this one! There is more atmospheric blue (Managese Blue) in the background and throughout that doesn’t show up in this photo. We camped at Manzanita Lake and we hiked it everyday.

Evening light at Manzanita Lake – photo

Painting #4 11 x 14 inches – mist over the mountain

There are several mountain formations at Lassen and this is one of them. I have yet to figure it out.

Painting #5 11 x 14 inches – Bullards Bar Reservoir

I really like this one. I will be posting more paintings based on Lassen, but for now I wanted to get these posted.

I was terrible at writing about my process, if you have any questions, ask away. Until next time, enjoy!

August Already!

Painting #1 Mendocino #6 11 x 14 inches

I have been working on a series based on my trip to the Mendocino coast back in May. The above painting is on 300# Arches. I am not a fan of 300# simply because to me the paper soaks up the paint and the colors dull down. I received 4 sheets by accident from my favorite supplier and was told to keep it when I contacted them about the mistake.

I have been watching videos by David Dunlop and he mentioned painting on 300# that had been first treated with acrylic gloss medium and I decided to give it a try and I love the outcome.

Painting #2 Mendocino #5 11 x 14 inches

Another one in the series.

Painting #3 Mendocino Skies #4 11 x 14 inches

This is one of my favorites of the series.

Painting #4 Evening Light at Lake Francis 11 x 14 inches

I think that I will give this another try, the colors aren’t the best for a feeling that unifies. Always another day and painting.

Painting #5 Clarity Rising 11 x 14 inches

Just throwing paint around hoping and searching for something different.

Painting #6 Mendocino #7 11 x 14 inches

Another one on 300# Arches primed with acrylic gloss medium. Looks like I will be buying more 300# Arches! So darn expensive though.

Painting #7 Given 11 x 14 inches

An abstract for the bunch, I love exploring shapes and colors.

Painting #8 untitled wip 11 x 14 inches

This one is a wip and I will be taking my time to finish it up.

My husband and I will be leaving for Lassen National Park on Thursday. We will be going on the Indian motorcycle and camping, my favorite way to have fun! We both are going to be celebrating our birthdays at Lassen. His birthday is on the 9th and mine is on the 11th. I am so excited to say the least. Next post will be about our adventures at Lassen. Until then, thank you for stopping by.

The Indian Chief Classic and me

The Man (my husband)