Time Marches On!

Painting #1 Rest in His Peace – watercolor

What a relief to have the election over! Crazy times with this coronavirus and all the events. Hasn’t 2020 been a blast? I thought that a little humor wouldn’t hurt, maybe it does hurt!

I am happy to report that the painting above has sold, rather will be traded for a pair of unique handmade, old world style earrings from an artist in Italy.

Painting #2 Joy In The Morning – watercolor

Another painting that has sold. This one is based on a photo that I took while motorcycle camping in Sierra County in October.

Painting #3 The Cathedral of Delight – watercolor

I do believe that this photo looks darker than it should but at least you get the idea. The light really glows.

Painting #4 A Journey Awaits – acrylic with collage on canvas

I have been working quite a bit on acrylic and collage painting. I have always loved to experiment and these paintings are quite enjoyable.

Painting #5 untitled – acrylic on canvas

I wasn’t sure able to take a photo after applying the satin finish varnish but I think that you get the idea. I remember when I used to take such care writing my posts but considering the crazy events lately, I don’t blame myself!

Painting #6 – Amazing Grace – watercolor

I painted this particular one last year but wanted to post it again as a reminder of His Amazing Grace. God Bless and keep positive!!


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