Vision of Hope

Painting #1 “Vision of Hope” 11 x 14 inches

I haven’t been able to paint as much as I would like simply because I have been wanting to save my art supplies. I have been busy rearranging my studio space for mixed media and with my husband’s help, we created a wall easel system. My studio is limited in space and I have to think creativity in order to make the best of what I have.

This painting was extremely fun to paint though I always struggle a bit with uncertainty. I have been following an artist by the name of Louise Fletcher on Instagram and YouTube. Louise has helped me to understand what I experience as an artist is quite normal for an intuitive painter who works in the abstract.

Painting #3 untitled

I have been experimenting with painting minimally this past week. I think that I will give this one some time to percolate.

Painting #4 untitled

This painting was inspired by Lassen Volcanic Park though you wouldn’t know it. I decided to abstract it for the emotional effect.

Painting #5 “Dawn Rising”

I absolutely love the colors of this painting. It simply glows with light and feeling.

Painting #6 untitled

I keep thinking that I might do more with this one and yet I like the minimal approach.

Painting #7 wip

Last one of the group. I decided to include a wip (work in progress). Hopefully I will finish this one next week and will show you the completed painting.

Take care and stay safe!

13 thoughts on “Vision of Hope

      1. I’ve always felt that about your work ever since I followed you. It moved me somehow and continues too. I believe in synchronicity too, and totally understand what you mean when you talk about confirmation. When we’re open to it, we receive the signs from the universe, which I’m sure someone as intuitive as you already knows! I’m so glad to have come across such an artist. ❤️

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