April Gloaming

Painting #1 Vision of Hope – 11 x 14 inches

Oh my what an usually odd period of time that we live in. Thank goodness I live in the country and I am allowed access the local trails. The painting above is one of my favorites. A glimmer of hope and light.

Painting #2 Look to The West – 11 x 14 inches

This particular painting was quickly painted on an old paper that was given to me, Strathmore is the brand, not a favorite of mine but at least I can practice on staying loose.

Painting #3 Enrichment – 12 x 14 inches

This painting was one that had me guessing to the very end. I often have to push a painting to completion. It has been my experience that painting is often not a straight forward process. Since I paint blindly, it is even more pronounced and I have to actively push a painting. I am looking for more than merely depicting a subject. I am striving for more.

Painting #4 Crimson – 16 x 20 acrylic on canvas

A good example of my searching for more, the painting above was elusive and was in an ugly stage for weeks. I kept at it until I “saw” what I would call a Gloaming, a twilight or sliver of light.

Painting #5 Heavenly Focus

An essential part of my approach is to capture the essence of the scene rather than focusing on the subject alone.

Painting #6 Untitled

A fun colorful one, though I do need a title.

Painting #7 Essence – 12 x 14 inches

Last one of the group. Stay safe and positive, I know that this is asking a lot but I prefer staying on the side of positivity than not, more productive. Cheers!

4 thoughts on “April Gloaming

  1. Thanks for the splashes of colour and positive thoughts! We snuck out of the city and onto the prairies today, a much needed brain break and mental health boost on back ways and ridge roads. Big blues skies and long, long views – phew!
    Take care.

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