Art is a Safe Haven!

Painting #1 – In Thy Light We See Light Psalm 36:9

Crazy world right now don’t you think? Thank goodness I am always waiting for diaster to happen, after all I live in California! Kidding aside I hope that you all are doing well and keeping a positive attitude.

The painting above wasn’t planned or idealized, my favorite way to paint. I let it simply flow and I worked with what was appearing.

Painting #2 – The Light of His Presence

I love to work on a painting that is mysterious and evolving. I really don’t do well with planning out a painting. I finally have learned that in the past six months.

Painting #3 – Heavens’ Storm

Not much to discuss here, basically brushing on colors, working with what seemed to appear. This one is an alla prima painting. I like to work quick and fast though I also enjoy taking it slowly as well.

Painting #4 – The Hiding Place

Exactly what we need lately, a hiding place! I have my faith and of course art! I am a firm believer in having a good attitude.

Painting #5 – Looking to the Light

I enjoy letting my creative juices flow and not getting caught up in details. Perhaps this painting is a bit kitchsy but at least it was fun!

Painting #6 – On The Horizon

No explanation needed unless you have a question.

Painting #7 – Hope for the Future

Yes indeed! That positive attitude showing up. I had to hold myself back from overdoing it with this one.

Painting #8 – A New Day

Oh so fun! I loved how the colors mixed to get the atmospheric look in the one.

I have a few more paintings but I will post again soon. Stay healthy and safe folks!

15 thoughts on “Art is a Safe Haven!

  1. Always a joyful experience to see your work…I love number one. Glad to hear you are well…and am also glad to report that so am I. We are so very fortunate to have our painting which as your head says…is a Safe Haven.

    I am hoping that this whole experience will change a lot of things…make us all understand what is important….

    Stay well my friend, and keep painting. Janet XX

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