Power Outages, Oh My!

Painting #1 Temptest 11 x 14 inches

I struggled getting this photo uploaded, I am not surprised because these past several weeks have been a trial.

This latest shutoff was our 6th of an average length about 2-3 days long. Out most recent (restored today) was five days long. Interesting how I was getting used to dealing with it all, never take your electricity for granted!

Prior to our current property, we lived a further 8 miles up the road and at about 3400 feet. We had to deal with quite a few outages and one was a good 19 days long, can you imagine that! Our generator wasn’t working and the pipes leading from our 1,000 gallon water tower were completely frozen solid. I melted snow day in and day out on the wood stove. To help deal with it all, I read Laura Ignalls Wilder’s book, The Long Winter.

Painting #2 Freedom

The reason for the power shut-off has been due to our extremely dry and windy conditions here in northern California. Last November our electric power company was found to be the cause of the Camp fire in Paradise where 85 people lost their lives. To ensure safety for their customers, the decision to cut power has been made on windy and dry conditions. We have been told that this will be our new normal for the next 10 years. Yep

Painting #3 Yuba Shenanigans

I haven’t been able to paint during these outages because of how dark my art room is. I took this opportunity to do more hiking, outdoor work and reading. My grandson Rollin was over during the majority of this time and he took it in stride. We played many games of Crazy 8’s, he was a happy camper.

Rollin, my 11 year old grandson

We had so much fun regardless if we had power or not, we folks make do! Until next time, count your blessings.

18 thoughts on “Power Outages, Oh My!

  1. Hi Margaret, I cannot imagine going without power as the β€œnew normal!” I know the fires are just horrible. So much devastation.
    I like that you and your grandson enjoyed time together hiking and playing cards. Happy memories for you both I’m sure! 😍
    Your paintings are amazing… the first one really caught my eye! πŸŽ¨πŸ‘

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  2. Sorry that you are the subject of blackouts, but glad you’re weathering it well and that you’re safe. None of the SoCal fires are near enough to me to worry but I seem to have friends in many of them. One of my regular student’s son’s house burned in the Getty fire. I guess that if it’s freezing outside, you don’t have to worry about the fridge food spoiling, just set it on the outside window sill. Been there done that in a former life.

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    1. Fires are everywhere and popping up all around us. Hoping for rain. I can’t ever set anything out because of bear but at least we buy ice and use our fridge as a big ice chest. It took me so long to figure that out 🀣 I hope that they can put out the Getty fire as soon as possible.

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  3. I like your can-do spirit, taking these outages and set-backs in stride. And learning not to take these conveniences we have for granted! The outages haven’t reached my part of California yet, but I imagine I should get prepared just in a case. Buying a generator may be a good start.

    Also, you grandson looks sweet. How nice he was able to be with you through this.

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  4. I hope the worst is over fire-wise for the season. I think you handled the outages brilliantly. Makes you contemplate upon how people did it back on the days before electricity was the norm. I might watch Little House On The Prairie with my daughter, I think she might enjoy that series now.

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