Fall, My Favorite Season!

Painting #1

How blessed are those who long for Him – Isaiah 30:18

This past few weeks I have been very busy dealing with getting prepared for the change of weather. Fall is my favorite season. We were out of power for three days and I wasn’t able to paint so I cleaned my art studio.

The painting above was painted rather quickly. I am finding that I love the color combination of Piemontite Genuine and French Ultramarine Blue. I also used Yellow Ochre and Burnt Umber.

Painting #2

Oh that I had wings like a dove! I would fly away and be at rest. Psalm 55:6

I started this painting while the power was out. I reached for a paint tube that I thought was an earth color but it actually was Quin. Magenta, yikes! I decided at that moment that I should wait until I could see to paint.

When the power returned, I continued with trying to see what I could salvage and I am now very happy with it. I was determined to make it work. Sometimes my paintings start out elusive and ends up being something I would never have envisioned. This one is painted on Arches hotpress which I am surprised that I could build up dimension quite well.

Painting #3

Have No Fear

An absolutely fun one to paint. It seemed to come out of pure obscurity.

Painting #4 – abstract

The Perfection of Beauty – Psalm 50:2

I think that the colors in this photo is rather dull compared to the actual painting but you get the general idea.

That is enough for now. I will be having my 11 year old grandson over for several days and I probably won’t be painting. I have several days of hiking planned for him. Perhaps I will post about our adventures. I have been taking him hiking with me since he was about 5 or 6 years old. I have made him promise to continue to hike throughout his life and in particular to take his own children on hikes. I hope that I can see that in my lifetime. Until next time, enjoy your week!

12 thoughts on “Fall, My Favorite Season!

  1. I like the Bible verses you have given each painting! They add another element of beauty and seem to complete the paintings so well. Each painting is absolutely breathtaking to me! 💗 Enjoy your hike! 😊

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