Comments on WP being blocked.

Just to let you all know that I think that my comments on several people’s posts is either being blocked or going to your spam folder. Does anyone know how to remedy this situation? I have written up to 6 comments but they don’t show up at all.

My posting break is going well and I have been having a creative streak lately. So nice not having to post, especially on Instagram. Thank you for reading!

10 thoughts on “Comments on WP being blocked.

  1. I know I have my comments set to require approval if you’ve not posted before. After that if you use the same login you don’t need action on my part. So perhaps folks are away or not checking comments.

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  2. gillyflower

    If you’re on your desktop, try clicking on the question mark (Help) button in the lower right corner to ask a WordPress expert if they can see what’s wrong. (Sometimes they can figure it out, sometimes they can’t.) I’ve had to avail myself of their services a couple of times with minor glitches like this.

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