January Cruising

Painting #1 11 x 14 inches – remembered landscape

The painting above is based on an area on the Canyon Creek Trail in Sierra County. I live about 20 minutes from the trailhead.

I am so happy that the Government shutdown is over for now. I enjoyed having my husband at home but what a relief to have things back to normal.

Painting #2 Overlook to Cherokee Hill 11 x 14 inches

As I am writing this post, I realized that I might have gotten the name of the ridge incorrect. I might have to come back to correct it once I remember.

I am preparing to start a pastel painting of the view from the backyard of the old home of my sister’s. She and my mother lived there since 1979. I lived there for about 4 years.

Painting #3 untitled 11 x 14 inches

This painting is based on a photo that I took several years ago in Sierra County.

Painting #4 “Morning at Goose Lake” 11 x 14 inches

I planned on capturing this scene without tedious detail. I used Phthalo Blue for the first time in months, boy was I scrambling to get it under control! I take it as a good exercise in not freaking out!

Painting #5 “Abundance” 11 x 14 inches – semi-abstract

I initially started this as a fairly realistic painting but it seemed to turn more into abstraction. It is based on Sand Pond which is located near the Sierra Buttes.

Painting #6 untitled –

This scene is based on a photo that I have taken on a local trail that I hike 3-4 times a week. This is the part of the Bullards Bar trail system that my children and I would swim, hike, bike and explore. In that little creek they would look for salamanders. Time flies by because they both are now in their 30’s!

That is all for now, see you in February!

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