A Break from the Break!

“Out of the Mist” – imaginescape 11 x 15 inches

I am taking a moment to post a couple of recent paintings. I have been enjoying my break from posting and having a blast painting. Unfortunately I have ran out of my watercolor paper. I am suppose to be working on a pastel portrait commission for Christmas. I decided not to purchase any more paper it paint until I finish the commission. Good luck me!

“Interlude” – abstracted imaginescape – 11 x 15 inches

I have been working on focusing on painting without an audience. I have noticed that I fall into that trap especially on Instagram. I truly don’t like that tendency of mine. Part of why I have taken a break was to pull away from that imagined audience. It has done wonders in that aspect.

I am unsure if I will be posting again in October, we’ll see. As I mentioned I will be busy with a commission. My daughters’ mother-in-law wanted a portrait of her and her husband. I am enjoying it so far. They are originally from Mexico and I have been listening to music from their country of origin to set the mood. Very enjoyable to say the least. Until then, enjoy the fall weather!

10 thoughts on “A Break from the Break!

  1. Lovely paintings Margaret and I hope your commissioned portraits go well. Might we get to see them after the recipients have seen them first of course… ? I would love to see it – portraits interest me and I would like to try some watercolour portraits sometime in the future.

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  2. I so enjoy your abstract paintings, Margaret! 🎨👍
    It is good to take a break. I find it does inspire me to create work I want to do instead of what I think others would enjoy. Hard to find a balance though… as I enjoy the online connection. ❤️

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