Fall is Coming

Painting #1 “Guidance” 11.5 x 15 inches – abstract

I am a little resistant to the fact that fall is coming but at the same time I love fall. The colors, the change of lighting. The above painting was intuitively painted, starting with a bold yellow circle of paint. My favorite way of painting. I never draw or plan out a painting, I simply jump in and paint myself out, I guess I like to live on the edge.

Painting #2 “In My Dreams” 11.25 x 14.25 inches – imaginescape

I like to try out different color combinations, it helps me to keep things interesting.

Painting #3 “Faith Rising” 11.25 x 14.50 – imaginescape

I never know what I will get at the start of a painting, I am a person who normally likes to see where I am going but in painting, I like the unknown. Watercolor for me is an exciting partner.

Painting #4 “Living Waters” 11.25 x 14.50 – imaginescape

Followed by intuition to the last stroke.

Painting #5 “What Dreams Are Made Of” 11 x 15 inches – imaginescape

Oh yeah, this one was a thrill to paint.

Painting #6 “Blessings” 11.5 x 15 inches – imaginescape

Painting #7 “Light on the Horizon” 11 x 15 inches – imaginescape

One of those paintings that I derived from the joy of a different color combo.

I have so many more to share but I think that I will have to post more often to keep up with all of the paintings. I feel that I have hit an amazing level of breakthrough lately. I feel blessed. Have a wonderful rest of the week, keep painting or whatever you love to do in your life!

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