Rolling Along

Painting #1 imaginescape

I had painted this several months ago and was very frustrated with it. I brought it out when I was reassessing my wip paintings and I realized that I was judging it too harshly. I didn’t realize how close it was to being finished, a little trust and patience would help. I have been enjoying putting a painting away for a while and then bringing them out to work on. I swear that I keep relearning this!

Painting #2 remembered landscape

I purposely kept my colors subdued and peaceful while striving for a quiet depth.


Painting #3 Tranquil North Yuba

I wanted to continue on with using subtle colors and mood with this one. I am finding that I like to return to realism now and then.



Painting #4 abstract intuitive

I will post only 4 paintings at this time, though I have been painting extensively. I am working on developing a series of intuitive paintings that I hope to eventually show, at least that has been rolling around in my mind.


11 thoughts on “Rolling Along

      1. I really appreciate getting feedback, it helps me on my creative journey. I read that he was a symbolist, I have been told years ago that I am a symbolist. Not sure if that applies anymore though I seem to connect with their work. Another artist that I really love is Agnes Lawrence Pelton.

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