Finding My Way

Painting #1 Intuitive abstract

Oh what fun it is to discover that painting intuitively is my true calling. I brushed on a yellow, red and several blues, spayed and then trusted that my painting would appear. I know this sounds crazy but I knew instinctively how to sculpt this piece.

Painting #2 Intuitive abstract

The photo doesn’t do this particular justice. Originally the orientation was one way but as I turned it around, I liked this one. Again, I followed my intuition to the very last. Paintings #1and #2 were painted on Saunders waterford hotpress. I am planning on purchasing more of this paper, it is simply divine working with it. I say working with it rather than on because it seemed like the paper and I were working as a team.

Painting #3 imaginescape

I started this one as an intuitive piece and added the crags as an superimposed image, kind of cool if I must say.

Painting #4 autumn colors in Sierra County

I had been struggling a bit with my reality paintings and was growing frustrated with them. I decided to let it rip with abstracting this scene.

Painting #5 Autumn colors in Sierra County

This one was painted before the previous one and was tighter. I was getting lost in the rocks and that prompted the looser version.

Painting #5 North Yuba past Downieville

One of the tighter paintings while I was in one of my angst over “what the heck should I be doing!?” Haha typical vicious cycle of mine.

Painting #6 abstract

Oh boy, I loved painting this abstract. I was getting to the point that I needed to calm myself down with a little abstraction. It worked.

Painting #7 crazy wild abstract

Oh yeah, so fun to let go and see what happens with my intuition. I am still unsure about that circular shape but then someone pointed out to me that it is the black hole! I never know where my intuition will take me, it is never boring.

Until next time, take time to enjoy what makes you happy, life is short.

21 thoughts on “Finding My Way

  1. dawnmarie

    Nice work. Painting number 3 has a cool shape and colors. Very organic but ethereal. Also loving the colors on the last two abstracts. Bold.


  2. Another colourful collection! Thanks for sharing, it’s good to see you happily driven to abstraction, haha. That said, I really like the Downieville scene…
    Enjoy your weekend!


  3. Wowwowwow!!!! Margaret, for some reason I did oversee this post and was going to ask when you are going to post something new. But then I decided to go to your page first and discovered this watercolor wonderland post! Fabulous paintings – every single one a masterpiece. I love your abstract approach – wonderful!!!

    Liked by 1 person

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