May Oh My

Painting #1

I have had some fun these past couple of days enjoying getting back to painting intuitively. For some reason lately I feel that I need to get it perfect and that is when I noodle a painting to death. The above painting was one that I painted while in between these moods.

Painting #2 Sierra Buttes

I am excited because I had garnered some interest with this painting. It might be the one chosen to be used for a concert poster. I sent the interested music group about five different choices, so we will see.

Painting #3 Sierra County meadow

Painting #4 Blair Lake

I haven’t been satisfied with my paintings lately as I mentioned, I feel that I have been over painting them. I am going to take it slower and also I have decided to work on setting them aside for a few days or longer in order to keep my perspective fresh.

Well that’s it for now, enjoy May!

10 thoughts on “May Oh My

  1. Sierra Buttes is great! the other one I quite like is the very first one; the way you handled the water was exceptionally well done, with its tonal values ….. so well placed! and the soft coolness of the background, I liked that alot 🙂 Cheers, Debi

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