To life, health and art!

Painting #1

I was busy with skies this week and this one was my favorite. I am back after the worst bout with whatever illness I had. So good to be painting.

Painting #2

I am uploading these photos from my phone as I am in a hurry waiting for a visit from my youngest daughter.

Painting #3

Another remembered landscape, going for feeling rather than details.

Painting #4

Painted saturated wet on wet. Now and then I like to return to this technique.

Painting #5 semi-abstract

This started out rough, I felt as though I was having an artist brat attack because I wasn’t able to get what I envisioned. Once I threw out my expectations, I intuitively allowed the painting to come forth. The light in obscurity, sometimes you have to trust. My photo doesn’t show the light as well as it should but at least you get the general idea.

Painting #6 semi-abstract

Last but not least. I decided to go wild with color and technique to shake it up. I have another one that I’ll share next time. Until then, enjoy spring!

32 thoughts on “To life, health and art!

      1. well, I bet when Spring fully arrives and you can get to the River …. loose and carefree may return with speed! Spring sunshine, helps. think of all those pretty daisies, bright poppies…. now, i have you laughing!! πŸ™‚

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