A Plein Air Pastel of the California Redwoods

I was asked by Sarah Sullivan of I had posted my painting of the redwoods. I hiked out in the midst of these giant trees and set up precariously between the trail and a drop off. I managed to get in my studio to paint, not long but long enough to finish up another painting of the Yuba river. I’ll post it at some point. Still raining, no snow as of yet.


23 thoughts on “A Plein Air Pastel of the California Redwoods

      1. There will always be those rib jabbers, I guess that they need someone to poke at, sigh. 😁Like assuming that you never see snow in California! Hilarious, hmmm if you have several mountain ranges over 14,000 you might find snowπŸ€” Sorry, a pet peeve of mine.

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  1. NorCal Zen

    I really like the light here. It looks so soft, like you want to step right into it. It is difficult to capture the majestic redwoods with a camera, but you managed to paint beautifully.

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