A Big Snow Storm Coming and Sicker Than a Dog.

I am going to be short here. Too sick to deal with it right now but wanting to alert you all that I might be mia for several weeks. Not knowing if we we lose our power or not.

The photo above is from several years back of the back of my house.

I just can’t deal with painting right now, I painted on Saturday but had to cut it short. 28 days of feeling under the weather is wearing me down. I can paint through headaches and pain of all kinds but not this time.

Good time to take a sabbatical, I think. Wish me health, send over warm thoughts and last but not least, pray for me. Happy painting folks. Whew, I am so done.

30 thoughts on “A Big Snow Storm Coming and Sicker Than a Dog.

      1. I’m hoping this was The Flu, and that its all over with and you are on the mend. losing weight is both, a blessing and, not so much. its if you keep losing, and you just can’t eat – then “houston, we got a problem”
        being so sick, makes us more down. not enough calories/nutrients to support happy cheerful. anyway try not to be too grumpy, with your art work … it will pass! hugs, debi

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