Happily Painting


Painting #1 imaginary landscape

I had no preconceived idea of what this painting was going to be. I brushed on some color and watched them mingle, and that is when I saw my landscape take shape and then “helped” it along, let me tell you, what a joy it is to paint like this!


Painting #2 Bullards

I am not too much in love with this one, I thought I would include it.


Painting #3 imaginary landscape

What is truly interesting about this one is that I was trying for a realistic painting of a rocky path with trees. It wasn’t working and I almost gave up when I decided to let go of the uncertainty and my fear. I then saw my scene and how to proceed, mainly it coincided when I worked a beam of light coming down. To me it looks like a shaft of light hitting high mountain crags.


Painting #4 Lake Francis

One day I decided to paint this scene over and over, this particular painting is one of my favorites. I don’t particularly care for that shore on the right but it is what it is.


Painting #5 lake Francis

I really like this one though not the way I painted the group of trees on the right.


Painting #6 Imaginary Landscape

I had fun with this one, I refrained from putting in too much detail. I think that my many attempts at painting Lake Francis influenced me. By the way this is on hot press watercolor paper, I adore hp! I suggest that you give it a try, let loose and enjoy the adventure.

I have more to share but it will have to wait until next time. Happy painting!


36 thoughts on “Happily Painting

  1. fabulous and loose and full of bold color! fun, delightful. exciting.
    I can easily see them all, nicely framed and mounted up Margaret; what a great collection that defies ‘rigidity’ and ‘tightness’ …. love them!

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    1. And…..that is why I love watercolor!!! It is very addicting, so it is a no brainer for me. There should be a disclaimer (actually a prompt) on watercolor tubes “Go With The Flow-Really!” lol unless you are into photo realism, I guess, anyway, I am not. So thank you!!


  2. I admit that I’ve followed your painting more on instagram than on the blog lately, only because I haven’t been on my computer much, and I really like the direction where it’s going. Thank you for sharing your art. I hope you re safe from the fires my friend.

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    1. I totally understand that I am really enjoying IG but popping in here is fun. Thank you by the way, it feels so wonderful the direction that I am going, feels right. πŸ˜‰ the fires are so sad, I am surrounded by them, there were wires down and arching not far from us on Sunday, a miracle that it didn’t start a fire. October is always the worst month for fires. 😞


  3. Oh my goodness Margaret – All the images you have shown are beautiful but that first one where you have allowed your own intuition to take hold is breathtaking lovely. Wow. I hope this inspires you to do much more work in this way. Have a wonderfully creative weekend. Janet πŸ™‚

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    1. Thank you Janet, I have discovered something very interesting, that I can’t seem to paint or relate to a scene or photo in the “normal” way like I use to. When we lost power this week because of the wind and fires, I painted on my patio and I worked entirely from my imagination, it literally flowed out of me, so exciting. I thought that I didn’t have any imagination at all! Very exciting, I think that this is the way I should paint, very much “me”. Cheers!


  4. Love how you allow the colors to “mingle” on your paper! And I’m LOVING your imaginary landscapes too! #3 is my favorite but I so enjoy each one as you have such a gift to make the colors sing! 😊

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