On a Roll

I have decided to post more often using my Kindle Fire, I wasn’t so sure of the quality of my photos until I decided to let go of that perfectionist desire for clear photos. There you go, onward to my latest painting, finished today.

This one is based on a reference photo that I shot while on vacation in the North coast of California. I took creative licence and changed the scene to suit my fancy.

This was painted on a half sheet of Fabriano hotpress 140# watercolor paper. My second time of using this paper, the hotpress that is. I love how the water and paint flows so wildly and that fits my style totally.

I painted by pure intuition and took many breaks. I felt that it didn’t initially had a focal point at the outset but I allowed it to reveal itself. I am considering that I might work on it more later if I see what needs to be done.

The color choice was by pure instinct and also I added shapes, or lifted as I’m felt inclined. I love how easy it is to lift color on this paper. I have noticed that quarter sheets seem small to me. I can be quite stingy about paper but I feel reluctant about painting on smaller sized sheets.

I often wonder if I don’t spend enough time on my paintings but I am feeling confident that my work style is what it is. I work as I feel led and after all, if it is working, go with it.

See you next time. Keep painting and exercise your Β creativity!

27 thoughts on “On a Roll

      1. Sometimes it can be quite revealing to set a painting aside for a period of time. Often something pops out that needs attention or I end up loving a painting I hated before. I am learning to hang on a bit. 😊


    1. Thank you Carrie, I imagine you are familiar with Palmer’s Point, I took the photo of a stand of trees right there overlooking the ocean. I focused more on the light rather than depicting that beautiful spot. It is wonderful to hear that you appreciate my painting, it means a lot to me. 😊


      1. I wasn’t familiar with the name until I looked it up. It’s just up the road from me! So glad to hear you made it to the Northcoast this summer. I know you were yearning to come. Next time, let me know. I’d love to show you so some favorite vantage points and have a creative outing. Always looking forward to seeing more of your work. You are most welcome.

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      2. Oh lucky you!!! My daughter and husband will be going back up in a week for a few days. This will be their third (maybe fourth) trip this year along. I hope to go back in September sometime, I’ll try to connect with you. I would love that! When I went in July, I was with my other daughter and her family so I couldn’t plan anything but tag along. No worries, between my two daughters and my husband and I we have many opportunities to meet up. By the way, I took a look at your posts and oh my your photos are superb. I need to take the time to read your poetry, sometimes I get into a flash in the pan attitude with reading posts, bad me! πŸ˜‰


  1. this has such a sense of magical light to it, that is enchanting! what and how you did this, is soooo good. all the artistic license used worked. the Light….. amazing! well done Miss M! πŸ™‚ yrf


  2. What a lovely scene with such amazing light. So glad that you put the perfectionism aside so that we can see this beautiful picture. I love it! I know that you think a lot about technique, but when I see some of these pictures what I really notice is the scene. I think you have successfully sublimated your technical thoughts and captured the natural aspect. You live in a beautiful wild region and you see these scenes everyday and love them, and that feeling and knowledge really comes out in these works. You have such a strong sense and lived understanding of these natural places. So whatever you’re doing, just keep doing it. (And keep posting them too!)

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    1. Thank you Aletha, right now my struggle with perfectionism is not with the painting itself (thank goodness!) but the photos of my paintings! I don’t think that posting from my Kindle this time made the photo fuzzy, but right now I don’t care. It is so much easier than posting from my computer, so you’ll see more posts now! yay! I love hearing that my feeling and understanding of what I paint is carrying through to the viewer. I don’t paint what I don’t connect to or care about. Painting what I love is so important to me. You validated what I hope for and that is to show the beauty of where I live or what I care about. Thank you for that!

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      1. I understood that you meant perfectionism about the photography — and I’m grateful that you put it aside because then I get to enjoy your posts — which came out beautifully (no photo problems at all!) Perfectionism can creep though — so good that you’re nipping it in the bud. Meanwhile your feeling for nature comes through so strongly in all your paintings. So please feel very validated!!!!

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