Painting Happiness

I have truly enjoying my painting sessions lately. I will be posting from my Kindle Fire and if you want to see the clearer version, drop by and visit me on Instagram. 

Painting #1

The painting above is of Bullard’s Bar Reservoir at evening. I went very dark with it perhaps a bit too dark but I like it anyway.

Painting #2

This one I almost abandoned because I thought I had jumped  little ahead with the layering but I stayed with it to the very end. The trees on the right are a bit static and I will vary the height of one of more trees, an easy fix. This is a view of the Sierra Buttes from the other side.

Painting #3

I wanted to redo the Bullards evening painting a second time. I went a bit abstract with the sky. I used a sprayer to simulate light on the water.

Painting #4

This is on blue tinted Bockingford paper. I went wild and carefree with it, wet on wet and pushed the paper to its limit and boy did I have fun! I love this paper!

Painting #5

Eh so so for me, I lost the dimension and feeling of my rocks but wanted to include it. Not enough value range in the rocks.

Painting #6

On Fabriano hotpress. A pure joy to let the paint flow. I didn’t want a lot of detail I am again going for feeling. I am painting for me.

Painting 7

Last but not least. I almost abandoned this one because of a defect in the paper at the top section. There were two long scrapes and the paint settled right into them. It was a letdown and I was going to flip it over to paint on the other side when I decided at the last minute to crop the painting. It was a good decision because I ended up with a better composition anyway. The trees actually are a deeper green than my photo shows.

There you go, I am alive and well and painting up a storm! Until next time, happy trails!

25 thoughts on “Painting Happiness

  1. I love them all Margaret, I visited a few art exhibitions yesterday for our Hampshire open studio, one artist Pete Gilbert reminded me of your work, only he paints a different area, our new forest, and surroundings, but the capture of the emotion and feelings is what grabbed me and thought of you. The use of colour , texture, and depth into the scene, if you get chance google him, I know the views are very different here, worth a look though, ❤️❤️

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    1. Oh my! I love Pete Gilbert! I had looked at his paintings not long ago and they struck a chord within me. I see what you mean, even though he works in oils they have that feeling and look that transcend the medium. 😊 thank you for pointing him out to me!

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  2. Antje

    These are amazing! I have only recently discovered into wet-on-wet for myself (I love it!) and seeing your juicy loose colours really makes me want to just paint, paint, paint until I drop! So inspiring also to hear that you really paint for yourself. It’s hard sometimes to do what the heart needs, strange though that sounds.

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  3. Happy to read and see you are painting up a storm! Particularly liked 1, 3, and 6 out of a set of delightful paintings. I think the ones I mentioned stood out to me because they reflect something of the forest and waterscapes we’ve been spending time in out here on the coast. Wonderful paintings, thanks for sharing!

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    1. oh you mean no posts? I decided to mainly post onto Instagram. It is so much easier for me. I am using my Kindle to post directly onto WP instead of my computer. My computer and WP doesn’t get along too well, always freezing up and it drove me mad trying to make a post. I hope to post more and more but from my Kindle. Are you on Instagram? I think that you don’t have to join to view paintings there. I am pearlpsalm37 on there, you can also search by my name as well.


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