A Little Experiment And A Hello

I have been painting up a storm even though I haven’t posted here on WordPress. I am not going to fret to see that these photos are blurry. I thought I would try using my Fire Kindle to post, so if the quality is off you will know why. The painting above was completed a couple of weeks ago. 

Another painting of the Yuba, where else?

This one was from last week.I have to admit that I miss WordPress but if you want to see what I am up to follow me on Instagram. I am pearlpsalm37 on there.

This is a plein air pastel from several years ago which I thought was a failure at the time. Now I like the moodiness and unfinished appearance. I have been sharing older paintings such as these on Instagram. 

I hope to drop by now and then to let you all know that I am still alive and well. Until the next post, cheers! 💖

27 thoughts on “A Little Experiment And A Hello

  1. Dear Margaret,
    These are beautiful. You are really making the watercolor sing. i do believe you have figured out how to use your whites and how to balance dark against light, detailed against suggested form,and warm with cool to emphasize distance. I particularly like the third one with the two big rocks for all of these reasons.
    Thank you so much for posting. I hope you will post from time to time as you are able. I don’t have access to the other viewing sources and was truly wondering what had become of you.
    Your painting, and your work approach are an inspiration for me.
    I look forward to seeing more of your journey into painting here on Word Press from time to time.

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    1. I forgot to mention to you that Instagram is viewable from your computer. I forget if you have to set up an account first but you can view or comment (which does requires an account) I had an account for over a year and when I got a Fire Kindle I was able to upload photos. Anyway I thought I would let you know. 😊 before then, I did looked at art on there and followed people.

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  2. These are beautiful watercolours – showing your affinity to this place…and I do love the pastel. It oozes atmosphere – quite beautiful. I am just beginning to catch up with things. I look forward to seeing more of your work. Happy painting. Janet 🙂

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