River Intrigue


Not sure about what is going on with WP but I have tried all day to upload this post. Of course I had difficulty composing it because of all the glitches, once again I am driven to the point of no return with this blog!

This is a studio piece using some reference photos from a recent plein air painting trip to an old haunt of mine. I tried to include a few posts of this same location but I am not able to link up to them. Sigh!!

I started the painting below of this simi waterfall as a plein air and I finished it up in the studio. I was freezing by the time I had several studies started. I have never attempted to paint this before because I am always passing it by to go paint at the river. P1190398.JPG


The painting above is a little plein air, nothing special but while I painted it, I had a wonderful sense of knowing how to paint it. Once I got it home it seemed a bit lack luster. I hiked a total of about 5 miles to one of my favorite areas along the river. I have to get a different set-up because my back and neck was in pain which continued into Mother’s Day, believe me, no fun.

This painting was a quick fun painting, loose and fancy free using one of my photos taken while hiking out to the river.

I couldn’t re-size these paintings or caption them because that option was no where in sight. Finally getting this up!

21 thoughts on “River Intrigue

    1. I never have had a problem before this. My photo wasn’t coming up at all, normally I size it by what you described, all I saw was letters and number code and no photo, so I couldn’t do anything. I had to trust the photo was there. Crazy, I know.

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  1. Oh Margaret – so sorry to hear of your problems with WordPress. Not sure what to tell you there. But……. you sure had no problems with your beautiful watercolors!!!! I am especially taken with the second – Simi Waterfall – WOWZA! Something these just draws me in so deeply. The color, the texture, the semi-abstract feel to it. I can only sigh with admiration of your rock-star painting talent! Oh I’m so so glad you were able to post. Please don’t give up. How I would miss this beauty!!!!!!!!!! ❤ 🙂

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    1. Well, my second attempt to reply, geez, I had a full day of frustrations, a long list. You are a doll Jodi, thank you for your encouragement. It helps to get a little perspective, I think today I felt a bit of a hurry to get somewhere in the quality of my paintings, and then to factor in my problems with WP, whew. Tomorrow is another day full of fresh perspective, trudging forward! ❤

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  2. WordPress, hmm. Not always user-friendly, and prone to crashing on my iPad of late…
    These paintings are each quite wonderful, and I really really like the one with the fallen log on the river. Thanks for sharing!

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  3. More beautiful work…I love the first piece and your sketch of the waterfall. What a good experience it is to, as you put it – have “A wonderful sense of knowing how to paint it” – that’s what I call a break through moment. I do hope that you back and neck improve….pain can be so debilitating. Meanwhile, happy painting. Janet 🙂

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  4. dear Miss M, I’m very sorry about your neck, and WP; it makes it so very. Frustrating! sigh. but your paintings are all loveliness!!!
    so thank you for sharing 🙂 I resize my pics, on my computer before it ever sees, WP. I have them lined up then on my desktop ready for the import to the post. resized at about 120-150 megopixel. do you have a photo program that could, do it too?
    some days…. I despise the digital age, to be honest.

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    1. thank you…..I think that I figured it out about the re-sizing. A fellow poster has emailed me the details on how to change it back to “visual” if that makes any sense. What is happening is within WP itself and not my photo uploading. Hehe….I love/hate the digital age!


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