Moonlight Abstract #1




I have started a series of abstracts that will be based upon some photos that I took of the full moon. I think that this is the first abstract that I like very much. They are quite difficult to do at least in my opinion. I am wanting to venture out and being more creative and not so reliant upon realism. Reason being is that I am hoping to be more creative and search for the style that I ultimately am reaching for.


53 thoughts on “Moonlight Abstract #1

  1. Holy Swooning WOWZA!!!!!!!!!! What a beautiful sight for my sore eye! 🙂 Is this watercolor Margaret? It’s like a gloriously magical moonlit scene in the forest! Oh I gasped!!! Do tell how you did!

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    1. yes, watercolor…I will post another one soon, I hope….and I will go more in depth on how I did it. I need to take notes because I paint in the zone, intuitively and once I am done, it is like a dream. So I need to write down notes as soon as I finish. I was feeling on this one. I will have to moon gaze more and also take more photos of the moon when it is full or close to it. Thank you Jodi, you flatter me. 😉

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      1. Oh Margaret – I can’t wait! I did a little fast and loose foresty scene tonight. I am so not good at landscapes and want to practice a bit more. Maybe challenge myself to one a week. We’ll see how this one turns out as it dries. I quick 15 minute in the Andrew Geeson style. Cannot wait to see more of your abstracts. If this first one is any indication of what is to come. well then – O M G !!! ❤

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      2. ooh I have to look up Andrew Geeson. Landscape is something that seems to always take practice, keep at it. It is not easy as people think, making sense out of a jumble of a landscape mess is the ticket. I have done two today trying for scaled down to bare minimum which is hard! I like your challenge! yes at least one a week and also do quick ones, it is great practice to loosen it up because often that magic happens because you are loosey goosey with watercolor.

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    1. Thank you Flora….it is 11 x 14 inches, WP was acting up and I wasn’t able to put a caption on the bottom of it with the details. I guess I could have included it in the body of my post but I was getting frustrated and wanted it done! Thank you by the way.


  2. Margaret I am also trying abstracts for the first time… I find them difficult too, but tremendously creative. I’ve not really ever been a realist but did it to allow myself to learn watercolors. I am not posting about the creative work because I tend not to want to share when things are developing. I will, at some point!

    And the moon makes me swoon! Love this image.

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    1. thank you! scraped? oh do you mean the brush strokes? I painted wet on wet and I rewetted as needed to blend the paint layers together. Then I dry brushed those linear strokes when the paper was almost dry to help give the painting some dimension.

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      1. I have scraped watercolor with an old credit card – I thought maybe you did this too. ❤ Amazing how you got such beautiful brush strokes! I will have to try this – without the old credit card! 😉

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      2. I learned the method from Carla Sonheim. She started with a bead of watercolor and then scraped it down the page. It is super fun and great to layer colors on top of each other – plus try going vertically and horizontally! 🎨👍

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