Creek and Fantasy in the Woods


painting #2 on Saunders 200# 11 x 14 inches

I lost what I wrote originally, I am having trouble with WP. I have been painting up a storm for the past 10 days and focusing more on painting rather than posting. The above painting was painted intuitively based on one of my photos. I liked the fact that I am slowing down and not rushing it.



painting #2 wipΒ on Saunders 200# 11 x 14 inches

This painting was started over a week ago and I periodically work on it bringing it to finish, at least I hope! I am incorporating fall leaves left from last year and I have yet to resolve how I will proceed. No worries, it is an intuitive experiment.

I am having trouble with WP once again and I am running out of patience! Of all the times that I decided to post and I am having difficulties!



38 thoughts on “Creek and Fantasy in the Woods

  1. Both paintings are really beautiful. Hope your experience with wordpress goes more smoothly. I wonder if there’s a geek in the house who could offer advice.

    It’s good to see your pictures again. The top picture has a Chinese vibe. Very expressive.

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    1. hmm….interesting, I have to admit Asian art is very appealing to me. I did use a large brush to keep it loose and I also used my Chinese brushes as well. I hope WP irons out because I could feel a “throw in the towel” attitude and I don’t want to give up posting here.


  2. Oh goodness gracious how WONDERFUL to see your beautiful artwork appear. They are both absolutely amazing. Oh Margaret ! Wowza!!! I have not painted much lately. You make me ache for it. 😍

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      1. Well I painted a piece of furniture tonight after work. Lol. Been busy baking for our sons wedding in just a few weeks! Went away this weekend for our anniversary. Just finished our taxes. So much going on. Can’t wait to paint but for tonight… wine and the couch. Lol.

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    1. Thank you Sarah, comments like yours is very encouraging to me. It helps because my drive and determination always has a bit of a down side, in that I see my work on the negative or “why can’t I” kind of feelings.


  3. Hi Margaret! I usually write my post in text editor or a really simple word processing program so that I can save it to my computer as I go. I use Textedit and not Word so that it doesn’t bring wierd html code into wordpress when I copy and paste it in. Then I ‘save’ or ‘update’ it to wordpress.Then I add the images in and do any special formatting.
    What might be happening with you is that your internet connection is interrupting, then you continue writing because you don’t know that, then you hit ‘update’ and it refreshs, and none of your work is saved.
    Anyway, try the textedit (mac) or textpad (windows).

    I love your waterfall painting because it’s so dramatic and really shows the movement of the water…not an easy thing to do on a 2 dimensional surface! I would love to be there!
    The light coming through the second painting is well done too.
    Take care,

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    1. thank you Flora! I have been noticing some lag not only with WP, I have been pestering my husband about looking into this. Our internet is quite fast and I am thinking that there is a conflict with my computer. I will try out your suggestions though, it is well worth the try.

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  4. Miss M…… holy moly! love both! your warms and cools within each, are so perfect. the tonal contrasts, so lovely.
    I LOVE!
    wp is pesty, petty, and perturbing. esp when one is not a computer whiz. but, honestly, there’s nowhere else i like any Better either. NOT instagram. or fb. or the others. so. kind of stuck. wp ‘attendance’ has surely taken a nosedive this year for sure.
    I think more wp images need to be “pinned” and repinned by more – so that wp views/etc is better. it has helped before. (Again, may I Pin, your paintings crediting you?) I like to Check! lol
    do you resize your pics before putting in post or not?

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    1. Thank you Debi…..I had a bummer art day but the good note is that I am now understanding that when I am not in that special “zone” I get down on myself immediately and am all thumbs. I haven’t had that happen in a long time, I am so spoiled. I needed a break anyway. I suppose you have had those kind of days? By all means pin them, in fact sometimes I forget to upload them to Pinterest, I will be doing that maybe tomorrow. I do re-size them but I don’t think that is the problem with WP….I will stick with it for now. I agree, I think that the other places are not as good. I hope that you are healing well and are up and at ’em πŸ™‚

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      1. yes. I have those days. lately…. many. sigh. but, they don’t last. they never do! take heart. ❀
        I've been quite slow on WP since the op.
        traffic is down alot too. global uncertainties maybe. who knows. but it will cycle. my hip is slowly back to better, after my 'overdoing' event a few weeks ago. we had a long weekend away at the beach and enjoyed the sunsets. πŸ™‚

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  5. I love the energy, particularly in the first painting!
    As for WP being glitchy, you are being very restrained…the flickering I’m getting when trying to add categories or tags on the Mac is driving me crazy!

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