Busy with Landscapes



painting #1 on Arches 140# cp 11 x 14 inches

I decided to paint a scene that is dear to my heart, I had painted it once before, here  Glory Be! I wanted to see what I can do differently but with minimal fuss.


painting #2 on Arches 140# rough 11 x 14 inches

With the painting above I wanted to see how minimal I can go with the background and foreground but not so sure if it worked. I started to fuss with it and that is when I ditched the painting.




painting #3 on Arches 140# cp 11 x 14 inches
  • To paint a scene like this is new for me, a barn no less! I will have to return to this and try it a few more times. Many problems with it though I wanted to remain loose with it, a “let’s see attitude”, I didn’t have high expectations and that is alright! It looks over worked and a little kitschy. Next time perhaps I will do better.

*A word about photos. The photos on my blog are mine, taken by me and copying them would be stealing from me. If you find a photo that you would like to copy or use, I request that you ask me for permission and I expect you to give me full credit for my own photo. Thank you so very much.






34 thoughts on “Busy with Landscapes

  1. Way to go Margaret, your paintings continually astonish me, I adore the top two, maybe it’s the colours that draw me in but wow you have nailed them…..don’t ditch it for real, it is perfect, in fact these two are top of my fav list for your work, do you ever look back over your media library? I See so many subtle changes in your work, that result in some scenes I would adore to have on my wall, that’s saying something as I am not a landscape girl ( unless I am in it for real, and you take me right to those places I can’t get) 😀

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    1. Wow…..you flatter me because I just guess I am too hard on myself but then I compare myself to the top artists! I have been looking at some of my old paintings and I do see the changes that you refer to. I hope to continually get better and better! thank you for the encouragement Becky, so very much appreciated. I need those extra eyes!

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  2. Oh Margaret! you are so hard on yourself! These are amazing – especially the first two. I can’t even imagine why you would consider ditching. The third is a new adventure for you, and I would be so proud of it if I did it! I just love the colors in the first two though 🙂 You are an amazing artist and inspiration and generous teacher!

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  3. You are doing so well. The second one does not look overworked. The barn…. the only thing I would suggest is to remove the phone poles and line. Otherwise, it’s perfect. That’s one of the joys of painting over photography, you can omit those icky 20th/21st century items.

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    1. I misread what you wrote, that you didn’t think that #2 was overworked, perhaps my fussing with it so much I was afraid that it was? Anyway, so far, two of you said it doesn’t look over-worked, it helps to get feedback. It is lacking something, maybe putting it away for a while and taking another look later. 🙂


      1. your welcome Margaret.Your style reminds me some what of the “Group of Seven”.Thomson specially.
        I visited his cabin on Canoe lake in Algonquin.I wanted to see the original tree for his “White Pine”.The cabin was originally on a island out in the lake but they dismantled it & reassembled it on the shore.The tree unfortunately had been cut down by some moron.

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      2. You again have made my day! Thank you! As much as I love (adore) the Group of Seven I don’t want to purposely emulate their paintings….but I love the fact that my style does reflect them, crazy, huh? Canadian artists all have a particular style that I adore and I know it is their own style and yet very Canadian. I have a love for the Canadian landscape ever since I was 9 years old, when we took a trip up north.


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